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Cool chick Sizzle was tagged for this meme, which she posted a few days ago…and now I’m tagging myself for it! I’ll post the rules, even though I probably won’t tag anyone. Too lazy. But if you’re inclined to play along, please let me know! The rules: 1. Add a direct link to your post […]

I’m getting through Lent just fine, but abstaining from meat on Fridays is tough. This provides me with a great excuse to go to SONIC on Thursdays to get a cheeseburger, some tots and a vanilla Coke. Makennna helps me with the cheeseburger. “CHEESEBOOGUHR” she shouts from the backseat. “FRIIIIES.” Thank you, Mel, for turning […]



Move over Alize, I have a new favorite restaurant on the Vegas Strip! TAO at the Venetian. Holy schnikes, that food was unbelievable! Going out to eat with friends is a difficult task these days, being that many friends have not one, but two or three children. Andrew gets to eat at all the great […]

We finally have a cupcake joint on my side of town! YAY! Cupcake Lane The cupcakes are tasty. They aren’t little works of art like miniature wedding cakes, but they are just what I needed. Besides, the owner is a fellow East Bay’er. Can I get a shout-out, Danville? I’m going right now to get […]

Yesterday, I heard something shocking from my friend Liz. Trader Joe’s no longer carries their tasty gyoza! I’m crushed. Liz asked around at her store, apparently the company that makes those little pieces of heaven went belly-up. TJ’s is looking around for a new pot sticker purveyor. Not one to take news laying down, I […]

I *heart* Giada


Let me count the ways. Blossoming chefs, new to the Food Network, start off with Rachael Ray…but then you grow up and discover Everyday Italian! Giada Delaurentiis! Bellissima! Let me tell you, I have made a number of dishes from Giada’s cookbooks, Everyday Italian and Family Dinners. All smashing and oh, so tasty. I marvel […]