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In the distance


It’s hot, it’s humid… c’mon thunderstorm.  I can see you.  Make yourself known! Advertisements

Heat not suitable for humans or other animals.  Please keep children, pets, and old people indoors. That sums up the past couple weeks here in Vegas.  This is my seventh summer living here, and for some reason, I don’t quite recall the heat being this oppressive.  We should be reaching 112 today. All that said, […]

“HI! Don’t mind me and my relatives. We find your home lovely and would like to rest here at your baseboards.” The infestation continues, people. Months have gone by, and we haven’t seen one of these vile creatures. Until this past week, when I jinxed this house by announcing, “Hey Andrew! We haven’t seen a […]

A lovely day…


…where the grass is always greener, and the desert is always browner. (A disjointed narrative about my southern migration on a quest for sunshine and happiness.) I woke up this morning to rain! RAIN! I can’t remember the last time it rained here. I was thrilled. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Vegas gets […]

I spent a loaftastic weekend with old friend Little Miss Mel. Per my previous entry, she flew in from the neighboring state of California to spend some quality time with the LVGurl brood and all my LVGurlness. We didn’t tear up the town; we’ve done that in the past. And really, I’ve lived here too […]

Cool chick Sizzle was tagged for this meme, which she posted a few days ago…and now I’m tagging myself for it! I’ll post the rules, even though I probably won’t tag anyone. Too lazy. But if you’re inclined to play along, please let me know! The rules: 1. Add a direct link to your post […]

We have a pest problem in this house, namely, scorpions. You can read about it here. This morning, I went to slip on my shoes, and I found this living under them: Andrew believes this to be a millipede. I think it’s some gawd-awful scorpion-centipede hybrid sent to drive me out of my house. This […]