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We’re back from our beloved spot on Maui.  We’ve spent the past five days readjusting to our life of servitude with the chicks. Andrew and I had an amazing, fun, RELAXING and RESTFUL trip.  Ahhhh. Some people think that Maui is cliche.  That aside from Waikiki, Maui is where everybody goes and it’s played out.  But after this […]

I labor under the delusion that I am still an 18-year-old who does aerobics everyday.  Staring at my butt crack creeping out above the Roxy bikini bottoms, I am reminded in a very abrupt manner that I am, in fact, a 33-year-old woman whose mid-section nurtured and brought forth two babies. That’s how I psych […]

I’m a week late in posting a travelogue of our trip to L.A. I can’t seem to concentrate on anything at the moment, and I totally blame my thyroid. If you’re curious and want to get up to speed on my hypothyroidism, check out the answer to #5 of this post. Not much has changed […]

Taking off


I’m packing and staring and packing and stressing for a trip we are taking this afternoon.  The brood and I are flying to the Bay Area to see Andrew’s family up in the Santa Cruz mountains.  Andrew’s paternal grandfather turns 90 on August 4th!  So we’ll be joining the extended family to celebrate the big […]

Okay, so I’ve been back since Monday night. I needed some time to get back into the swing of things, get my computer fixed (finally! Now I can read and comment on other Blogger blogs!) and fight off a random cold. The thought of writing this long post was rather daunting, too. ANYWAY, the trip […]

Beauty in L.A.


Two weeks after Andrew and I visited the greater Los Angeles area for our anniversary, I thought I’d share some pictures from the highlight of the trip. Here are some shots of the lovely Huntington Botanical Gardens. I absolutely love this place; I love it even more now that we live in Vegas because the […]