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In the middle of this hectic holiday season, I am reviving my freelance business by taking on some contract work.  People must think I’m insane, trying to juggle all this bizwax.  But I love it.  I feel very vital when I work professionally, especially when I can meld being a stay-at-home-servant to my chicks with […]

Now that I have graduated, I am feeling the itch to go back to work. This is tough on me, because I really am proud that I can stay home with my children. I feel bad that I sometimes daydream of going to work, while I have the cherished opportunity to be with my girls […]

In all the craziness that is my life with two kids, I kinda sorta forgot to announce that I graduated on May 12th!! YAR!! (I’m throwing horns right now, with my mouth agape and tongue touching my chin, in case you needed a visual.) Yes, THE PAPER passed muster and the faculty allowed me to […]

THE PAPER is complete! I turned it in yesterday. Now I await/hope for a letter informing me that I passed and that I can officially graduate. After I deposited THE PAPER at the graduate office, I bought a bag of Doritos and a Pepsi. I have no idea why. Probably had something to do with […]

Almost done


It pains me


Yes, I’ve been working on my paper and/or thinking about it constantly, so get off my back! I want to write some decent posts to maintain momentum and keep my handful of readers interested. But I get these really terrible pangs of guilt. Or is that a noose tightening around my neck? The paper. THE […]

Here I am, at my university library. I am here to obtain references I need to meet the requirements for my masters project — which is officially stressing me out now. It is due April 1, and heck, I thrive under pressure. I make everyone around me miserable in the meanwhile, but I do my […]