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Later days



This is Gorillabuns. Otherwise known as Shana. I think many of you read her already. I think she is a fantastic person. Shana has two darling daughters, and excellent taste in music. She has a great sense of humor to which I totally relate. I aspire to be very much like her. Shana is due […]

Why, hello little blog! I pretty much forgot about you.  What, between managing my increasingly active daughters and mentoring fledgling marathoners for Team in Training… I neglected to carve out time for you. My word, do I have any readers left? This will be a combo post, folks.  Jessica tagged me for a Six Things […]

But I’d rather be brokedown with you by my side. –Jack Johnson At 5:05pm on August 6th, 2004, our little baby Peanut made her quiet entrance into the world and made my life complete.  After 14 hours in the NICU, I finally got to meet my Makenna Leigh.  She was small and cute and wide-eyed, […]

Two years


At 11:50pm tonight, my little Paige Malia will officially be two years old. Paige is passionate and opinionated, hugs a lot, talks a lot, has crazy hair, enjoys Mickey Mouse and Little Einsteins, and withstands attempts at smothering by her older sister. Happy Birthday, my sweet P.

In the distance


It’s hot, it’s humid… c’mon thunderstorm.  I can see you.  Make yourself known!

Collecting Dust


I have a mounting collection of books that I would love to read; I just haven’t gotten around to it. I love to buy books. I hold out hope that one day I will read an entire novel again. Do you have any suggestions for what I can add to this pile? Seriously! I want […]