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A lovely day…


…where the grass is always greener, and the desert is always browner. (A disjointed narrative about my southern migration on a quest for sunshine and happiness.) I woke up this morning to rain! RAIN! I can’t remember the last time it rained here. I was thrilled. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Vegas gets […]

I’m so bored of myself and my prom pictures, I hurt. So I will post the final two with shorter commentary.  That way, tomorrow, I can move on to all the other horrendously interesting things that are flowing through my mind. Senior Prom in another city, May 1991 Yes!  I loved that white dress, oh […]

Oh, I’m not done yet! Some of you (Jane) might be wondering why I attended so many damn formals. The first answer is, well, our high school had a bunch of formal dances. The second answer is that I had a lot of guy friends, and I was nice, so I guess I was a […]

I’m not done with you yet! There are still many days left in the week. Let’s proceed with installment #3: Junior Prom, March 1991   Alas, a real prom!  Not some homecoming bullshit, but a prom!  The real deal!   This is my beloved friend Eric.  He was such a sweet guy with a great […]

Here we have installment #2! This would be the last formal Homecoming dance that my high school put on. Homecoming, Fall 1989 Ah, much better. With 1990 looming in the near future, we were able to move past giant hot-rollered hair and shellacked bangs. My date here is my best guy friend Brian. Overall appearance […]

It’s May, and that means that it’s PROM SEASON! I want to celebrate. Over the course of this week, I will be posting various pictures from my career as a prom-goer. There is just too much to say, so I need to break up my collection of pictures into a more palpable design. So let’s […]

I have a recurring inside joke with myself. Whenever I hear an overplayed song from the Grunge era, I say out loud, “Now THERE’S a song I never heard in college!” And I proceed to laugh heartily. I attended the University of Washington from 1992 – 1996. Seattle. Grunge was everywhere. The music saturated all […]