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I just nabbed this meme from Building a Bakery, simply because it made me laugh. It probably won’t make you laugh, but… whatevs. Here you go: 1. WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (mother’s & father’s middle names): Edian Richard 2. NASCAR NAME: (first name of your mother’s dad, father’s dad): George Dick (That’s either a comedian, or […]

Why, hello little blog! I pretty much forgot about you.  What, between managing my increasingly active daughters and mentoring fledgling marathoners for Team in Training… I neglected to carve out time for you. My word, do I have any readers left? This will be a combo post, folks.  Jessica tagged me for a Six Things […]

Magic Six Ball


It’s time for another Six Things meme!  I was tagged about eleventy-billion years ago by pal VDog, and by The Grand Duchess of Cupcakes, Kari.  So here it is… 1.  I love Lucky Charms, and I would eat them all day, everyday if I could.  Yes, I hear your EEEEWWWWWs and barfing sounds.  I don’t […]

Ode to 2007


Because I’m feeling so original, I’m swiping this meme from her majesty The Whoorl. 1. What did you do in 2007 that you’d never done before? I started training for a triathlon! Get ready for Triathlon Tuesdays, a brand new series of posts found here at LVGurl in 2008! 2. Did you keep your new […]

Cool chick Sizzle was tagged for this meme, which she posted a few days ago…and now I’m tagging myself for it! I’ll post the rules, even though I probably won’t tag anyone. Too lazy. But if you’re inclined to play along, please let me know! The rules: 1. Add a direct link to your post […]

Dear friend Miss Mel tagged me for this meme. I am totally late in posting it because I had to actually think about it. Thinking — it’s a challenge these days. Lordy knows that I barely have time to fold laundry anymore. Here are the rules that I have followed… Each person tagged gives 7 […]

I have more interview questions to post! As mentioned before, Angella over at Dutch Blitz was kind enough to send me a batch of questions. Her site just underwent a makeover, banner art courtesy of Secret Agent Josephine. I think it looks smashing, and it makes me want to finally jump ship to WordPress. And […]