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Stats: Swim:  1700 meters Bike:  18 miles Run:  7 miles Hello!  Training is going well, although as you may (or may not) have read from my previous post, my body is breaking down a tad.  Not from running, as one might assume, nor from biking.  It’s the swimming that is knotting up my shoulders and […]

Que fantastico!


Reality TV just won’t stop. Next up, a reality show to cast the NEW Menudo! Thank you MTV, for having a finger on the pulse of today’s teenagers. But can you really replace these boys? There is so much hotness happening in this picture, I can barely stand it. Does anyone remember Menudo on ABC? […]

I have a recurring inside joke with myself. Whenever I hear an overplayed song from the Grunge era, I say out loud, “Now THERE’S a song I never heard in college!” And I proceed to laugh heartily. I attended the University of Washington from 1992 – 1996. Seattle. Grunge was everywhere. The music saturated all […]

On my pod


No energy. Must rest. Cop out entry. This is what I keep playing on my iPod, even though I have 767 songs to choose from… When You Were Young by The Killers Fergalicious by Fergie In Between Days by The Cure Temptation by New Order Rhymin‘ and Stealin‘ by The Beastie Boys Skills to Pay […]

People who know me well know that I pray at the alter of XM. If given five minutes of anyone’s time, I can provide at least 20 reasons why they should get an XM hookup. I have a crazy, diverse taste in music. My iPod suffers an identity crisis. XM is the only solution. The […]