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Yesterday afternoon, Andrew arrived home early and sent me away for a little down time. I headed straight for Banana Republic, because I’m in the process of gradually updating my wardrobe from fall 2003. One doesn’t realize how styles drastically change in four years, until you’ve been pregnant on and off. (And by the way, […]

Crocs. They aren’t the most attractive shoes. And in adult sizes, they look quite frightful in my opinion. This past Christmas, Andrew bought a pair for Makenna. Quickly, these purple people eaters have turned into our dream shoes, simply because they are so easy to slip on Makenna’s feet in a hurry… and she can […]

If I keep up some momentum and keep posting, you will learn that I have an illness — I LOVE shopping for my two little girls. I LOVE LOVE LOVE baby and toddler girls clothing. Ugh, I can barely stand it. My dear friend Erin recently had a little girl who is 4 months younger […]