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While I sorta, but not really, pack for a quick trip to LA this weekend, I thought I’d post a short list of my favorite teen starts growing up. I was inspired by VH1’s Top 100 Greatest Teen Stars rerun that I watched the other night. If you missed it, never fear, VH1 will air […]

Us bloggers, we all love StatCounter, right? We also love to see what strange Google searches lead unsuspecting Googlers to our humble little pieces of intellectual property. I haven’t had too many strange Google searches, but I already know this one will top my future Google search hall of fame: “hot pictures of chicks blowing […]

For me, few things are sweeter than this.

People who know me well know that I pray at the alter of XM. If given five minutes of anyone’s time, I can provide at least 20 reasons why they should get an XM hookup. I have a crazy, diverse taste in music. My iPod suffers an identity crisis. XM is the only solution. The […]

I *heart* Giada


Let me count the ways. Blossoming chefs, new to the Food Network, start off with Rachael Ray…but then you grow up and discover Everyday Italian! Giada Delaurentiis! Bellissima! Let me tell you, I have made a number of dishes from Giada’s cookbooks, Everyday Italian and Family Dinners. All smashing and oh, so tasty. I marvel […]