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This guy was spotted a short time ago in my backyard.  He looks just like my husband… but my husband would never wear a cowboy hat.  ??? Advertisements

Today is my seventh wedding anniversary.  Lucky number seven!  Other numbers include: 13.5 = the number of years Andrew and I have known each other 11 = the number of years we have been together 5.5 = the number of years we have been homeowners 3.5 = the number of years we have been parents […]

 These girls…  And this guy… They are all I need.  But this special treat from Santa was pretty cool too…

I’m a week late in posting a travelogue of our trip to L.A. I can’t seem to concentrate on anything at the moment, and I totally blame my thyroid. If you’re curious and want to get up to speed on my hypothyroidism, check out the answer to #5 of this post. Not much has changed […]

Today would have been my grandpa’s 95th birthday. He has been gone nearly 15 years, and I miss him. My Grammy misses him terribly. He lived to see his first great-grandson, which made him very happy. He’d get a kick out of my two girls, too. I can still hear him say “Hello, Doll!” I […]

Yeah! It’s the first day of spring! The sun is in Aries, my anniversary is Saturday and my birthday is in two weeks. I love spring. To celebrate, here are a few fun photos on which to feast your eyes. Paige loves Cheerios. There’s one stuck on her right hand. Makenna and pal Ava take […]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANDREW. The girls and I love you VERY much. Yes, my husband’s birthday is today… Valentine’s Day. Which means that he had many birthdays that looked like this: Yes, that is a six-year-old boy who loved playing baseball and war. That boy would grow up to be a tall, manly-man who builds big […]