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This is Gorillabuns. Otherwise known as Shana. I think many of you read her already. I think she is a fantastic person. Shana has two darling daughters, and excellent taste in music. She has a great sense of humor to which I totally relate. I aspire to be very much like her. Shana is due […]

But I’d rather be brokedown with you by my side. –Jack Johnson At 5:05pm on August 6th, 2004, our little baby Peanut made her quiet entrance into the world and made my life complete.  After 14 hours in the NICU, I finally got to meet my Makenna Leigh.  She was small and cute and wide-eyed, […]

At the age of two, my mom drove me around town as I stood next to her, arm around her neck, and gazed at my reflection in the rearview mirror.  Those simple days are long gone (thank goodness).  As hard as I try not to be a mommy blogger, I am a MOM, and thus […]

Two years


At 11:50pm tonight, my little Paige Malia will officially be two years old. Paige is passionate and opinionated, hugs a lot, talks a lot, has crazy hair, enjoys Mickey Mouse and Little Einsteins, and withstands attempts at smothering by her older sister. Happy Birthday, my sweet P.

Now don’t go thinking that LVGurl has turned into some crazy triathlon nut.  I have, but I’m still Mama Bear Numero Uno to these two sweeties: I’d like to send thanks to the parents in Makenna’s preschool class, who thought it appropriate to load the kids up with 15 pounds of candy.  I’m thrilled to have […]

 These girls…  And this guy… They are all I need.  But this special treat from Santa was pretty cool too…

If she could, Paige would wrestle the tree to the ground and hide the ornaments around the house. Therefore, the ornaments are displayed in the safety of the upper 2/3 of the tree.