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Later days



Over and out


I’m done. I’ve annoyed you all with my flip-flopping over whether or not to close down my blog.  So this is it.  I’m closing up shop. My blog never shaped up to what I had originally imagined two years ago, and frankly, I just don’t have the interest nor the patience to keep it up. […]

I have always adored Russian dolls. I always wanted one. I have never owned one. I like to look, touch, dissect, inspect, imagine, reassemble. That pretty sums me up. Fond memories came rushing back while viewing this video from old school Sesame Street. I now know where my Russian doll fixation was born. I want […]

Rock the boat


I couldn’t wait to be old enough to vote. I turned 18 in 1992, and I was OVER THE MOON that I could vote for a President in my very first election. One of my first days at University of Washington, I was approached by a volunteer who registered me to vote. I was thrilled […]

My friend Jill of GlossyVeneer fame is running her buns off in order to train for the San Antonio Rock & Roll Marathon — her second marathon this year, mind you — and she’s training with Team in Training!  A group very dear to my heart! Jill is *so close* to meeting her sponsorship minimum […]

This is pretty much what my days are like with these two chicks… (filmed with my new Flip) Outnumbered from Marci B. on Vimeo. (THE STUPID VIDEO WON’T POST! GRRR! Click the title “Outnumbered” to see it!)

I find myself with a very full plate… again.  Honestly, I like it when I have many irons in the fire, so to speak.  But as expected, it becomes too much.  I want to do it all, but I only have so much energy; so much time… not to mention I’m a full time mom […]