Over and out


I’m done.

I’ve annoyed you all with my flip-flopping over whether or not to close down my blog.  So this is it.  I’m closing up shop.

My blog never shaped up to what I had originally imagined two years ago, and frankly, I just don’t have the interest nor the patience to keep it up.

What helped me make this decision?  I watched my good friend state an opinion, just to get torn to pieces by comments.  You can read the madness here.  Please do it…it’s eye-opening.

This is not something I want to be involved in any longer.  I’m just not very good at following the flock.  Seems that’s what you have to do, you know?  To feel like what you are writing is worth a darn.

This social media thing just sucks you in.   I need to unplug some of these cords and be more connected to the real world.

I’ll miss the “friends” I’ve made here, you really were the only reason I kept this blog going.  And if we really are friends, you already know how to reach me 😉


17 Responses to “Over and out”

  1. Luckily, I’ve got your number.

    However, your POV will be missed here, dearly.

  2. I was gettin’ too busy to read it anyway…I’ll miss the Hawaii pics. If you need a sprinkled donut, you know where I am!!!
    I’m glad I “met” you here…but, VERY glad I got to meet you in person!

  3. I am glad that the blog led me to you, but I’m even happier to know you in real life. I support you no matter what you choose. (And I’ve been going back to Kim’s post repeatedly to see the comments, they are really not what I expected. Some are really harsh!)

  4. Someone told me to go and look at the hoopla and well, I’m slightly confused by it all. I’m going to miss you and you better stay in touch!

    I DO and will plan on making a trip out there one day soon to meet you and Kim!

  5. So…what happens with LVgurl..stays with LVgurl…

    We’ll look you up next time we’re down there..and we’d expect you to do the same next time you make it up here.

  6. AWwww…I’ll miss you!

  7. I DO consider you a friend. Really. I hope we can stay in touch via Facebook and Twitter? Please?


  8. Will you still be twittering? Leave us a way to get in touch because we’d love to hook-up with you guys in our city or yours.

  9. I thought I commented? Sheesh, I’m out of it today.

    I’m sad to see you go but I get the reasons. I hope to still be in touch with you. I’ve totally enjoyed getting to know you. You’re good people and I’ll miss you.

    If you ever visit Seattle, you better tell me! 🙂

  10. I will miss you but you are right, I know where to find you! I wanted to stop by and thank you so much for sharing your eye experiences with me, your insight has been invaluable. We not done fighting with Jack’s eye but we’ve made some serious progress.

    Stay in touch! And good luck on your first marathon next month, I am rooting for you!

  11. Late to the party as always. Sorry to hear you’re leaving the blogging world, but it’s certainly something I contemplate.

    I am commenting because I too was pretty amazed at how some of those responses panned out. Especially the one where the one woman talked about taking money back that was for a baby shower. Omg!

    Anyway I hope you got something out of blogging and I’m sorry to have discovered you on your last day.

  12. I totally respect and ‘get’ your decision. You know where to find me. 😀

    The weird thing is the further I get into this (e.g., now I’m doing PAID blogging), the more ‘eh…’ I get about the whole thing. Actually, the paid blogging is better because it’s not so personal and more like ‘freelance writing.’ heh.

    Anyway, I love you and your crazy faces that you make in your silly photos. We’ll have to plan an LV/Bay/Maui get together. 😀


  13. Sorry to see you go, but I totally understand. It has been nice to ‘meet’ you and be inspired by all your training as well as being a Mom. Best of Luck to you in your next Triathalon.

  14. Hey I lost your e-mail! Maybe you’ll see this. Sorry you decided to stop, but I made the same decision about a year and a half ago… so I’ve definitely been there. Take care! 🙂

  15. What?! I finally get around to your blog and you’re taking it down?! Argh.

    Story of my life, I suppose. I do hope you’ll stay in touch, though. I’d love to hang with you in person.

  16. Oof, just read the blog in question. No idea why people take things so personally. Totally valid points that the author was making, and I’m a guy with ads on my site.

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