With a strong chance of virtual showers


This is Gorillabuns. Otherwise known as Shana. I think many of you read her already.


I think she is a fantastic person. Shana has two darling daughters, and excellent taste in music. She has a great sense of humor to which I totally relate. I aspire to be very much like her.

Shana is due *very shortly* with a brand new baby, and we’re throwing her a BIG! VIRTUAL! BABY SHOWER! (Read HERE for all the details and FABULOUS shower photos!!!)

You can take part!  There is no need to measure anyone’s belly or inspect melted chocolate in a diaper to figure out which candy bar is melted inside.  All you need to do is visit the following fine blogs that are all participating in this collective tribute to Shana!

Little Miss Mel: http://littlemissmel.com

We all love Shana, and are so excited to welcome her little bundle into the world.
And until I meet you in person, Shana… I send a HUGE hug your way. And lots of support!  You are going to be a wonderful mother to this new baby!

15 Responses to “With a strong chance of virtual showers”

  1. Ahhh….but we did measure her belly and eat chocolate poo!!! Geez, how drunk were you? 🙂

    Love it!

  2. 2 punchlinewalking

    Yeah, you were AMAZING at the belly measurin’, I’ve never seen anything like it!

  3. I love that you posted a photo of her. I almost stole one from her site but then knew she’d want to kick my ass. I love those pics of you guys! 😉

  4. I have never experienced the chocolate poo game (THANK GOD).

    Love the photos!

    Congratulations, Shana! Can’t wait to meet Baby GB!

  5. Those shirts are ten kinds of awesome!

  6. Cheers to Shana Banana!


    I still can’t believe you all would go to such lengths to make me feel so happy and blessed.

    I can’t wait to meet in person and throw back (classy speak, i know) a few cocktails in celebration of such a wonderful cyber friendship.

    and you totally look way hotter in my beloved’s shirt than I.

  8. All the best to Shana. It’s a great idea!

  9. I really didn’t think I could love you all more than I already do, but here I am, LOVING YOU MORE, and it’s not even my! shower.

    Here’s to Shana and all her awesomeness. I got on the RVSP bandwagon late (I’m a party procrastinator to the max), but what I lack in timeliness I strive to make up for in onesies. And chocolate.

  10. The shirts are indeed fantastic.

  11. Love the shirt but who’s the dude? Looks like Tony Orlando but it’s not. Same porno ‘stasche though.

  12. You are ADORABLE! And I think I just peed a little at Cary’s comment. Awesome!

  13. So I totally arrived fashionably late to Shana’s shower, because I am nothing if not fashionable. But mostly just late.

  14. AWWW FUN!! I am late for the shower but hey I bring a cyber diaper genie!

  1. 1 MePregnant

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