Maui bound…again


Why, hello little blog! I pretty much forgot about you.  What, between managing my increasingly active daughters and mentoring fledgling marathoners for Team in TrainingI neglected to carve out time for you.

My word, do I have any readers left?

This will be a combo post, folks.  Jessica tagged me for a Six Things Meme (and you know how I embrace The Meme, I probably wouldn’t have a blog without these lovely beings…)  Also, I’m leaving for Maui on Monday. Again.

So, I present to you…

Six Reasons Why My Husband and I Keep Going Back to the Same Place to Vacation. Meme.

1. Our little rental cottage above Wailea feels like home. The children of custom home builders, Andrew and I moved from house to house a great deal growing up.  Many people enjoy the comfort of returning to their childhood homes… not us, because we don’t have one childhood home.  By the time we were both 14, we had lived in 10 houses a piece. Our dads just kept on building houses, and kept moving their families around.  In addition, there was some turbulence and upheaval in my childhood, so I crave the security and comfort of the familiar.

2. When you know a place so well, there is no need to bust your balls to SEE and DO. While we do want to see The World in time, going to Maui is our time to turn off, tune out, and CHILL-AX.  This will be our fourth trip back to The Valley Isle, and we’ve done just about everything you can on the island.  We’ll be repeating a couple things we love, and trying a couple new things. But otherwise, we will spend nine glorious days just Being. Living. Absorbing. Centering. Enjoying.

3. It’s gorgeous.

4. Water and greenery. Two things that don’t occur naturally in the Las Vegas desert.

5. It is our favorite place on Earth. We love one particular beach so much, we named our firstborn after it.

6. Big skies, no smog, beautiful sunsets…


14 Responses to “Maui bound…again”

  1. I am making it a personal goal to get to Hawaii in the next year. It’s ridiculous that I have never been. Have fun!

  2. go have a good time. in Maui. sigh. not like you’ll have to work hard at having a good time there!

  3. Oh I can see why you keep going back, it looks fantastic!

    We thinking of hitting Hawaii this year, I hope it works out.
    do you surf?

    I am dying to try it. That ought to be good for a few thousand laughs 😉

  4. Your point on #2 about knowing the place and being able to just go to “Chill-ax” sounds wonderful. I don’t think I’ve ever had a vacation like that because I always go someplace new and it’s a constant RUSH-RUSH-RUSH to see all the new and fun things. Then I end up coming home feeling more drained than before!

    I hope you have a great time, it sounds spectacular.

    PS – What is thing #3 in your list? 😉

    Heh. What? Two #4s don’t count? It’s corrected! (thank you!) And yes, Andrew and I have loafing down to a science. There is enough running around in our lives right now… we don’t mind zoning out for a week or so in familiar surroundings.

  5. My best friend’s sister named her daughter after that beach too 🙂

    I have NEVER been to Hawaii…thinking I need to get more info from you…

    HAVE FUN!!

  6. Hope you have a wonderfully relaxed vacation. With a place as beautiful as this, why wouldn’t you visit more often?

  7. Can we come?

  8. Hope you are having a wonderful time!!

  9. While I am clearly on the “I want to see as much of the world as possible” side, I totally understand your need to return to the same spot. Good luck on your run there and as I’ve already said, have a great time!

  10. I love Maui. I know you’re having a fabulous time. I think I may the deets on that rental house! 😉

    Been missing your net presence. 😀

  11. I have been going to the same beach for 38 years. My Father for 55. There is nothing sweeter than the familiar for relaxing. We too moved around a lot, so for me the beach and my Aunt’s house close by alway meant ‘going home’. Enjoy!!

  12. Enjoy the trip, but don’t they have a replica Maui on the strip? If not, they should.

  13. Chris has never been to Hawaii and I keep telling him HOW breathtaking it is. I spent time years and years ago on the Big Island, in Hilo and then Kona, and then of course Oahu/Waikiki. I’ve never been to any of the other islands, though, and would love to. I still remember how floral and warm the air smelled the moment when stepped off the plane. Perfect.

    (Have fun!)

  14. Oh Hawaii. Such a beautiful, wonderful place. My daughter was born there, but I would love it even if she weren’t. Color me jealous. (Hope you had a great time, though.)

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