Magic Six Ball


It’s time for another Six Things meme!  I was tagged about eleventy-billion years ago by pal VDog, and by The Grand Duchess of Cupcakes, Kari.  So here it is…

1.  I love Lucky Charms, and I would eat them all day, everyday if I could.  Yes, I hear your EEEEWWWWWs and barfing sounds.  I don’t care.  If loving Lucky Charms is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

2.  I am a mix of Norwegian, German, Czech, Polish, English, and possibly Russian.  It’s such a strange mix that it’s showing up as anomolies around my body.  Denstists comment about how abnormally deep the grooves are in my teeth.  Running shoe experts comment that my feet show an interesting mix of shortness (for my height), width (like, Fred Flintstone wide) with really, really high arches.  I blame my odd European cross-breeding.

3.  Loud chewing bothers me to no end.  Especially if someone sniffs a lot while they chew.

4.  Even though I hated reading them, I loved buying textbooks at the begining of each semester of college and grad school.  I don’t know, I think it was something about the fresh start that appealed to me.

5.  Speaking of beginnings, I love sunrises.  Sunsets are great too… but sunrises always fill me with hope.

6.  I haven’t read a Harry Potter book. No, really.  I haven’t.

11 Responses to “Magic Six Ball”

  1. I have not read Harry Potter, nor watched any of the movies.

  2. I haven’t read any of the books either, but I’m not a reader.

    smacking pains me. and sniffing?? GAWD AWFUL. You would have a hard time talking to my dad on the phone.

    Wow, you are a melting pot. Very cool.

    Lucky Charms rocks.

  3. I loved buying textbooks, too- but good grief! They were SO expensive. I saved most of mine out of spite. Anyone want to read “An Introduction to the Labor of Reason” or “Thinking Mathematically?”

    I didn’t think so. 🙂

  4. I knew there was a reason why I love you! Lucky Charms ARE magically delicious!

    and screw Harry Potter! I’m not 12.

  5. About the grooves on the teeth, my husband has that!! his dentist told him he must be of Scandanavian descent! I never heard of that!

  6. I loathe loud chewing! My brother drives me mad, he slurps and smacks and chews louder than a cow.

    It’s lovely.

    I have avoided Harry Potter too…I think it might take over my life. I am obsessive when I read a good book

  7. I’ve heard that Lucky Charms are magically delicious. Not sure where I heard it, though.

    I too loved new textbooks, despite getting ass-raped when buying them. I always thought the bookstore should give out a free tube of KY with every purchase.

    I have not read Harry Potter and probably won’t, but I’d like to see the movies.

  8. Resisting the urge to gesture emphatically and plead my case that you MUST, you just HAVE TO read the first Harry Potter book, and then IF you hate it, or are all “Meh” you can at least know you tried, because I promise you: THEY ARE AWESOME. No, really.

    Wait, did I just say I was “resisting” saying all that? Ahem.

    (Oh, and I am Irish, English & Polish.)

  9. Lucky Charms are a staple around here and not just for the kids ;). And I miss textbook so much I just bought some books for J to practice for school. I am channeling my inner student that is always somewhere in the background.

  10. I love Lucky Charms TOO!!!!

    And I’ve never read any Harry Potter books or seen the movies EITHER!! WOW! We’re like completely opposite looking yet totally still TWINS!!!!


  11. I have been DYING to do a Lucky Charms cupcake!! I LOVE those marshmallows!! And, I too, loved to buy text books and ALL THINGS school supply. I’m a nerd…and I loved EVERY MINUTE of school…EVEN TESTS!

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