Without You I was Broken…


But I’d rather be brokedown with you by my side. –Jack Johnson

At 5:05pm on August 6th, 2004, our little baby Peanut made her quiet entrance into the world and made my life complete.  After 14 hours in the NICU, I finally got to meet my Makenna Leigh.  She was small and cute and wide-eyed, even within the first days after she was born.

Our small little baby is growing into a big, beautiful little person.

While she was once so quiet by nature, she sure tells us what she’s thinking.  She has a great sense of humor.  She’s brave and strong.  Her will is frighteningly fierce.  And we love everything about her.  (Well, except maybe her temper).

Happy 4th Birthday, Bugs!

13 Responses to “Without You I was Broken…”

  1. 1 Kami

    Happy birthday sweet girl!

  2. Ah, just lovely, lovely!!!

    Happy Birthday Miss M!!! You have grown into a mighty fine young girl. So thrilled I get to watch you grow up into a young woman, someday…(Not anytime soon, mom.) 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday Miss Makenna!

  4. Happy Birthday Pretty Girl!

  5. Happy Birthday beautiful girl! Hopefully, I’ll be able to meet you before your next birthday!

  6. We love Makenna! Happy 4th Birthday.

    Ava says: Happy Birthday Makenna. We got your birthday gift and I’m glad I’m going to see your cake. And I’m glad you are 4.

    (…and then Max accidentally smacked her in the head with a swinging yoyo and that was the end of the interview.)

  7. Happy Birthday!

    What a beautiful girl 🙂 here’s to a healthy, happy year!

  8. Happy (belated!) Birthday, Makenna!!

  9. happy happy joy joy!!!

    neat soccer ball she has in that last picture… future national team member.

  10. 10 goodmum

    Aw, what a little cutie you have there. I too have a child who is loveable in every way except for his temper. But we can get past that, right?

    Good Enough Mama

  11. Happy Belated Birthday MaKenna! We just had a fifth birthday here and their wills get stronger with each passing year!!

  12. OH MY GOODNESS!! The Cuteness!!

    And we LOVE JJ too!

    Happy Belated, Makenna!

  13. ooh, I see lots of male heartbreak in her future. What a beauty.

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