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Guest posting!


I can’t seem to update my own blog to save my life, but I was happy to help out Secret Agent Josephine during her blog sabbatical.  Check it out! Las Vegas: A Local’s FAQ Advertisements

Magic Six Ball


It’s time for another Six Things meme!  I was tagged about eleventy-billion years ago by pal VDog, and by The Grand Duchess of Cupcakes, Kari.  So here it is… 1.  I love Lucky Charms, and I would eat them all day, everyday if I could.  Yes, I hear your EEEEWWWWWs and barfing sounds.  I don’t […]

But I’d rather be brokedown with you by my side. –Jack Johnson At 5:05pm on August 6th, 2004, our little baby Peanut made her quiet entrance into the world and made my life complete.  After 14 hours in the NICU, I finally got to meet my Makenna Leigh.  She was small and cute and wide-eyed, […]

At the age of two, my mom drove me around town as I stood next to her, arm around her neck, and gazed at my reflection in the rearview mirror.  Those simple days are long gone (thank goodness).  As hard as I try not to be a mommy blogger, I am a MOM, and thus […]