Severe Weather Alert


Heat not suitable for humans or other animals.  Please keep children, pets, and old people indoors.

That sums up the past couple weeks here in Vegas.  This is my seventh summer living here, and for some reason, I don’t quite recall the heat being this oppressive.  We should be reaching 112 today.

All that said, I’ll take the sunshine and two months of summer heat over clouds/gloom/doom any day.  Also, the summer heat brings monsoons, which brings excellent thunderstorms.  Those are supposed to arrive next week.

This heat is causing muchas problemas with my triathlon workouts.  I get up plenty early to run or bike, which usually is enough to beat the heat.  But as of late, running after 6am is hot.  Very, very hot.  I’d like to say that my body is adjusting to exerting itself in the heat, but that would be a lie.  I much prefer running here in the winter when it’s 40 degrees outside.

I don’t really have a grand point to make here, other than it’s HOT and it’s getting in the way of things.


12 Responses to “Severe Weather Alert”

  1. 1 jonb

    We finally have what seems like stable summer Seattle weather. ~75 and sunny all week.

    We were in Vegas several Julys ago. As I recall, it was ~115 on the Strip. We spent most of our time sprinting from casino to casino, trying to keep our yard of slushy/margarita from melting into syrup.

    You could probably run laps around the Luxor atrium, but you might be pressing your luck by bringing your bike in.

    Good luck. Stay cool.

  2. 2 Jill

    It was this time in 2005 when we bought our house here in Vegas. We spent several days painting the interior of our home at that time. We were dripping with sweat and most nights we just fell down on the floors (lack of furniture since we’d just moved in) and tried to eat as much ice cream as possible. It was 117 or something that summer, but this summer is feeling like it rivals that one.

    Last Saturday’s run was very warm, the air in general felt thicker too. I’m just glad that I don’t live somewhere with high humidity levels as well. Then I really wouldn’t be able to run!

  3. 3 Kami

    I would pretty much die and that would just be from sitting on the couch with the A/C on. Running is NOT an option in that heat. I am a bit worried about my running… I am doing really well but the heat and physical exertion causes vomitting in this Canadian girl!

    Nice visual for you eh?


  4. 4 sizzle

    You get up early to run to beat the heat. There are three things in that sentence I would have a problem with- heat, running, early. Ok, maybe not getting up early. I wake up before 6am without an alarm but still. . . the heat KILLS me.

    But thunderstorms are wicked awesome!

  5. um, ya, you’ve got me beat. Well, actually, we’ve got smoke, so in this one instance, I’ve got you beat. Wait, do you have smoke issues too? Either way, this weather sucks ass. Blech.

    oh wait, you’ve got a pool right out your door, but two kids against one mommy is no picnic in the pool. Ya, you’ve got it bad.

  6. Like you said, I’d much rather have 2 months of burning inferno than 9 months in dreary rain or a frozen icebox.

    Hopefully you can visit us at the cabin soon for some respite. It is perfect weather there!

  7. I hate winter, but I complain when it’s too hot too. I don’t think I have EVER been in that type of heat. I’d probably spontaneously combust 🙂

  8. I’m pretty much glad I’ve postponed my trip there. I would absolutely die of heat and bitchiness!

  9. i think i would melt in that heat. of course, i melt when it rains as well. i just can’t go outside. it’s too dangerous.

  10. 10 VDog

    You’re always welcome here. It was only 83 today. LOL

    Miss ya!

  11. But Vegas is dry heat, yes? (That’s what she said. Um, wha?) I can do dry heat, but put me in The South, with The Sticky Heat and I seriously have to be naked, or in front of an ice-cold air conditioner. Or drunk, and naked, and in front of an ice-cold air conditioner. Heh.

  12. 12 musingsofamama

    Last summer was hotter. Why do I know? Because it was freaking 118 the day Darbee was born. Wrong… just WRONG I say!

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