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I’m starting a new series, Inconsequential Fact.  These little known facts will be tidbits about me… likely impertinent to anything… but just for fun. So. Inconsequential Fact #1? I love Christy Turlington. She’s one of the great supermodels of the 1990’s.  I used to pour over Vogue and W Magazine to find pictures of her […]

Shameless Promo


Remember that triathlon I did last April?  It will be televised on NBC July 26th from 2:30 – 3:30pm. There is a slight possibility that I might be on air, if only for a second, as a camera crew followed me for two miles while I biked in.  If you happened to watch, I was […]

Two years


At 11:50pm tonight, my little Paige Malia will officially be two years old. Paige is passionate and opinionated, hugs a lot, talks a lot, has crazy hair, enjoys Mickey Mouse and Little Einsteins, and withstands attempts at smothering by her older sister. Happy Birthday, my sweet P.

In the distance


It’s hot, it’s humid… c’mon thunderstorm.  I can see you.  Make yourself known!

Heat not suitable for humans or other animals.  Please keep children, pets, and old people indoors. That sums up the past couple weeks here in Vegas.  This is my seventh summer living here, and for some reason, I don’t quite recall the heat being this oppressive.  We should be reaching 112 today. All that said, […]