Presto Change-o


I’m still LVGurl, and this is still… BUT!  I’m parting ways with Bluehost to make my blog life simpler by utilizing the free service at  Don’t get me wrong, Bluehost is a fantastic hosting service.  I was just in over my head.  It was like moving into a huge house with no furniture and no kids.

I’m a happy clam here at  I understand how it works, since I was using WordPress already.  All software updates are done automatically.  I don’t need to fuss with any code; if I want to tweak something, I pay a nominal upgrade to gain access to the stylesheet.  The sidebar widgets actually work.  The template looks the way I want it to.  It was easy to transfer my domain over here, and the transition was seamless.  Nobody has to change their links to me!  You will need to update your feeds… Click the icon to the right, and the magical Feedburner do its thing.  (Apparently, your old feeds ARE working, so maybe you don’t need to update anything?  Let me know if it’s a problem.)

I’ll be updating with a “real” post soon.  But I just wanted to get the word out on my new set-up.  Meanwhile, pardon my dust while I create my Links and About pages.  Pretty graphics coming soon…

***Special thanks to Miss GlossyVeneer for coming over to my house and holding my hand during this transfer process***

8 Responses to “Presto Change-o”

  1. 1 jonb

    Interesting. I didn’t know you were able to use your own domain name on–usually its something like

    Looking forward to a real post soon..oh and if you could blow some of that hot weather our way, that’d be great. thanks.

  2. You are most welcome.

    And yeah, the feeds work if people were subscribed to your old one. If they switch to your FeedBurner one then you can track subscribers! (If you care!)

  3. WordPress is awesome. Welcome to the bright side of blogging! 😉

  4. Hurrah! for simpler.

  5. 5 Kami

    Yay! Hope that means you are going to keep on blogging and maybe post a bit more often?

    NO PRESSURE though 😉

  6. Yay for you! You have to be comfortable in your own online home 🙂

    And yes! The feed still works.

  7. WordPress scares me. I don’t think I can jump ship even if it’s prettier.

  8. 8 VDog

    This is very inspiring. Hmm…I may need to ask you how all this stylesheet small upgrade thing works! 😉

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