Housecleaning, revamp, exiting the game


I’m starting anew, peeps.  I’m getting back to blog basics, back to a time when I didn’t loathe my little slice of Internet real estate.  And frankly, I’ve been “in loathe” with the whole blog game for some time.

Blog game?  What blog game?  Think about it… you know exactly what I’m talking about…

To be honest, I was *theeees close* to deleting my blog and going on my merry way.  But Bluehost up and automatically renewed my site for another year (how KIND of you to bill my card without asking me!) and I took it as a sign.  A polite suggestion, if you will, from the Blog Powers that Be.  Maybe I should give it another try. 

I read SecondHand Tryptophan’s post, “Why I Cannot Stand Your Blog (2008 Edition)”.   (Hi Karl!!)  And after I laughed out loud for a few minutes, it really got me thinking… I totally agree with everything he’s saying!  And… I’m violating some of my very own blog pet peeves!

And now, the fruits of my epiphany:

–> I removed my BlogHer ads.  No disrespect to the fine gals over there, but I just didn’t like seeing ads on my site.  The days when I had a post up on their network, I simply didn’t enjoy all the random hits.  I’d rather have a handful of truly interested readers than a few hundred passers-by.  I’m not a high-traffic spot.  So awaiting a BlogHer check to arrive was like watching grass grow.  I also had a fundamental problem with the set-up.  The vast majority of my pageloads were going to default.  What should have been tiny revenue going to pay for my hosting went to nothing.  So why should I see a headline STOP CRUELTY TO ANIMALS next to a picture of my daughters on Valentine’s Day, when there was no benefit to anyone other than BlogHer and their advertisers?

–> Those who follow me via a reader are now getting the whole article.  Yep, I stopped publishing partial feeds.  I’ll admit, I switched it over to see if I got more hits.  And I did. But I also felt as though I was alienating people (like ME) who enjoy reading blog entries on their reader.  Click over to leave a comment… cool by me.  But I won’t force you over for another pageload.

–>  Soon you will see (yet another) template and (hopefully) a fresh new banner.  I need to be patient on this one.

–>  I’ll focus more on the new passion in my life… triathlons.  I know this will be boring for most of you.  I understand and I’m fine with it.

I guess what I’m getting at is… I want content that I’m happy with.  I don’t want to feel like I have to keep up with Mrs. Jones, or post just to cull comments.  I kinda hate mutual blog asskissery and the phoney-boloney-ness that comes with it.  It really goes against my personality, and it has been bugging me that I was playing along. 

SOOOO, I’m signing off for now.  Maybe for a couple weeks.  Sorry if it feels like I’m waving a middle finger at the blogosphere.  I just need to get all this off my chest so I can start fresh.


14 Responses to “Housecleaning, revamp, exiting the game”

  1. Totally get that. Enjoy your time away and your renewed perspective. 🙂

  2. 2 Karl

    Yeah, the BlogHer ads. They actually do pay for my hosting, so I’m keeping them for now. I’m not really for or against ads, but even there’s a ton of them, blecch. Since I do ultimately hope to make money off my blog, I’ll be searching for other ways to make that happen.

    Glad you enjoyed that post. It was fun to write and share my peeves. Never imagined it would be so popular.

    As for Bluehost, I have them for now (signed up with them beginning of the month) but I already have to switch. They have it in their TOS that there’s no profanity allowed on the sites they host, and I can’t survive without dropping the occasional F bomb.

  3. I use the “more” tag, because sometimes my posts are rather long, and the photos take too long to load.

    I think there is a plug-in to override it for the feed readers. Maybe I should look into that.

    I, for one, am glad you are sticking around.

    Also! The last few comments you have left, I hot “reply” via email, and they bounced back. Do you have a new email address? 🙂

  4. 4 Kami

    Don’t leave us Marci!

    Totally understand though, work it out!


    and I have emailed too and it’s bounced back – I also tried the LuvGurl address:-)

  5. I totally understand you on the blog conundrums. I have been internally debating everything about my site lately; ads, design, frequency, etc.

    I’m proud of you for doing what you want with your site… after all, it’s YOURS!

  6. Sometimes getting things off your chest is a good thing and is needed to make a fresh new start.

    I for one am glad your host underhandly charged you for another year.

  7. Count me as another that is happy to see you stick around for a bit. I too signed up for Blogher to pay for my hosting, but I am not entirely sure that it is working out that way. Like you, I find it easier to watch the grass grow, and was trying to figure out how all these other people were raking in the coin with it. I will mull this over a bit longer.

    As for you posting about your triathlons, I think it is great! I found such inspiration in your drive to train. It helped me get motivated a bit too.

    Glad you are sticking around for a bit longer, I have enjoyed getting to know you this past year or so.

  8. I really enjoyed Karl’s post. But I tried switching my feeds to full from partial and it did exactly what I thought it would do. The photos/text are not in line like they should be. It looks terrible. I’m sure if I were better at coding I could figure it out, but for now I’m going to keep in on partial. Besides, I’ve made it very clear I’m not doing this for the money or the stats.

  9. I am doing it for the money and the stats. 🙂 haha.

    can’t wait to read the new you! still dig the old though….

  10. 10 msma

    I am glad you are sticking around too, although I have been out of the blogging world for a while myself!

    I loved reading about the triathalon, and I cried when I saw you crossing the finish line. By the way… I am not a crier.

    I can’t wait to read more… I am hoping that some of your strength will rub off and encourage me to at least dust the cobwebs off the eliptical if nothing more!

  11. 11 Robin

    Just checked out your blog for the first time and totally dig it so I’m glad you’re sticking around. I’m fairly new to the blogger world (and a fellow Vegas gurl) but I get what you’re saying. I like your candidness about the mutual asskissery out there – wait did I just do it to you?


    ps. I am a little addicted to my stats but luckily it’s starting to lose it’s novelty.

    pps. Can I have your banner if/when you change it? Minus your blog title of course 😉

  12. WOw so many bloggers are quitting. I might after the second baby but who knows I am still a little addicted to just being out there.

  13. 13 Gramps

    I’ll have to read the article to get some great tips at how I can annoy people more fully with my blog.

    That’s my only goal in life. To annoy people. And not to kill my daughter.

  14. So happy you chose to stay, babe. And I loved this post. Here’s to a new bloggy you!

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