One post, many obsolete titles


Though my posts are becoming more and more infrequent, I am actually thinking, on a regular basis, of what to write next.  A number of blog post ideas and titles have flowed in and out of my brain. But as I decide to put each idea into writing, I realize that I have already moved on.  Thus, each topic becomes obsolete. Here is a collection of the would-have-beens…

Triathlon bricks, and I’m drowning slowly

I had this title written a few weeks ago, in anticipation of how much training bricks would suck.  A triathlon “brick” is when you train in two sports, back to back.  For the past few weeks, when my team meets on Saturdays, we bike for about 110 minutes, then immediately run about 45 minutes.  Sounds brutal?  It is.  BUT!  It helps one to adjust to the transition during the actual race.  And let me tell you, it’s a tall order hopping off a bike after nearly two hours to then start running.

Surprisingly, I’m holding my own and not sucking too terribly.  Okay, yeah, when I start running I look like a hobbled old man with a bike seat shoved up my ass.  But I still hold my own.

And then the chaos came to an abrupt end

The combination of child-rearing, freelance working, and triathlon training has left me one crazy-busy girl.  Last week, I received an email from my supervisor that my freelance project (the one that often keeps me up until 2am) was winding down, and that April 7th would be our final deadline!  Yippee!!  Just as I had prophisied — work AND training would finish simultaneously.  I was excited to write a post about how, just as quickly as freelance work and triathlon training entered my life, they would quickly leave.

And then.  Another project leader contacted me and asked me to join her phase.  I said yes.  I have a training call tomorrow at 8am.

It’s apparent from my burgeoning love of triathlons that I like to torture myself.

Trying to figure out how spend newly regained free time

This is a joke, because mothering two children = NO FREE TIME.  Are the other mothers of two+ children with me on this one?  Rather, mothers whose children aren’t in school six hours a day?

What I meant was… now that training and work have wrapped up, I have more time to do other things on the “I’ll get to this someday” list.  Like:

  • Take a series of photography courses at the local community college.  I want to learn my camera, and I want to learn it correctly. I don’t learn well by reading a manual. I’m a hands-on gal.
  • Make a couple of scrapbooks.  Not crazy scrapbooking, but getting some mementos in place.  Maybe even update the girls’ babybooks with all the loose sheets of notepaper I’ve been taking notes on.
  • Finishing my parents’ photo album from their 40th Anniversary party… last June.  It’s really embarrassing that I haven’t finished this.  A week after the party, I had all the pictures ordered and mailed out.

Obviously, I’ve taken on another work project, so this title doesn’t work at all.

One triathlon a year is enough for me, thank you

Who could blame me?  I have been…well… sedentary my entire life.  Blessed with height and the metabolism of a hyperactive mouse, I haven’t taken to exercise much.  Nor did I need to.  One would figure that getting through an Olympic length triathlon would be enough for me.  There you go, Marci.  You did it!  You can rest now.  Check that off your list and move on.

Post-race, I planned to focus my efforts on various 5k and 10k runs in the area, maybe dabble in some XTERRA events. For instance, this October, I will be running a 10k trail run in Makena Beach, Maui.  Yes, Makena Beach… my most favoritest place on earth. 

Maybe I’d do another triathlon next year.  MAYBE.

Nope.  I’m getting ready to register for Pumpkinman on October 18.  And that’s just one whole week before that 10k trail run in Maui.

The bug has bit me.

11 Responses to “One post, many obsolete titles”

  1. I definitely think you have lost your marbles- but if you are happy amidst all the madness, then that is all that matters! Frankly, you deserve to park your butt on Makena Beach and not move a muscle for 2 weeks. But you go girl!

    You. Are. My. Hero.

    Good for you! and…

    I love you, Marci. I love you and your bodily dexterity. 😀

  2. Maybe you should have Kim teach you some moves witht the camera?

    I’ve likened blogging crap about my kids as entries that will fit into their non-existent baby books.

    As for photo albums, I wouldn’t feel bad about your parents album. I say this since I haven’t completed my wedding album. It’s been almost 8 years since we were married. I know what you are thinking, I’m a mover and a shaker.

    My head whirls around, thinking of all the projects and plans you have coming up. You are one pretty determined soul.

    I know you will succeed but take care of yourself in the process. Like Kim said, you need to park your butt on the beach.

  3. Maybe you could go to Hawaii and sit on the sidelines with a drink with some sort of umbrella in it and cheer on the runners. What do you think of that?

    Also, my legs hurt for you right now.

  4. At least it will be in Hawaii where I hear no one feels any pain. 🙂


    Yet, you still have time to contact me to make sure dude #2 hasn’t popped out yet. Now, that takes true multi-tasking my friend. 🙂

    It’s awesome that you are finding new passions out there and are willing to still seek more. I tend to be content with what’s in front of me.

    Maybe you’ll rub off on me someday. Just not this week or the next, as you say, I just might be a tad busy. 😀

  6. I’ve been tossing the “m word” around lately, I want to do more marathons. I’m still building up my knee strength though, but it’s good for me to focus on training and strengthening correctly. And then there’s still the whole “fueling” myself issue that I’m trying to work out.

    I would love to take a class to learn how to work my camera better. That’s another bug that’s kind of bitten me lately. All I want to do lately is run, bake bread and then take photos of it. What a weird life.

  7. I can’t get over the color of that water! SO BEAUTIFUL.
    And about the free time…even with one kid IN SCHOOL, I never managed to have any MY time…only KIDS TIME (or volunteering for KID time).
    You have to CARVE it out…even if it’s 20 minutes…

  8. You. Are. AMAZING.


    I might go to Makena beach just to sit and look at that. I have never been to Hawaii, but that photo makes me want to go!

  9. I was in Maui when I was 11 but I really don’t remember it! NICE!

  10. Um, I think I need to get to that beach. Now.

  11. Wonderful beach photo, thank you. And I hear that once you get into the bug of running marathons and stuff you just want to keep going. I think I will stick with a 5k or two, but watch you and cheer you on from the sidelines 🙂

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