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I’m starting anew, peeps.  I’m getting back to blog basics, back to a time when I didn’t loathe my little slice of Internet real estate.  And frankly, I’ve been “in loathe” with the whole blog game for some time. Blog game?  What blog game?  Think about it… you know exactly what I’m talking about… To be […]

This guy was spotted a short time ago in my backyard.  He looks just like my husband… but my husband would never wear a cowboy hat.  ???

Yep, I did it!  I successfully completed my triathlon on Saturday!  I swam .93 miles, biked 24 miles, and ran 6.2 miles in 3 hours, 57 minutes, and 42 seconds.  Although I broke no land speed records, I achieved my goal and did it with a smile on my face (except during the run).  It […]

Tomorrow is my big race. I’m nervous. I have knots in my stomach. I know I can do it, but I’m scared. Think good thoughts for me tomorrow morning! Or, at the very least, feel grateful that you aren’t swimming in 55 degree water with 500 other people. I have every hope that when I write next, […]



That’s me. A determined, independent, assertive, testy, impatient little ram. cutitu de argint copilul de aur video blaturi bucatarie infertilitate feminina citirea aurei ciuperci cuptor ornamente fier forjat catalog fuste garaj pret unghii false cu gel masini intretinere cazane inox elvila constanta mijloace de masura montaj sindrila bituminoasa naturist gallery oglinda oglinjoara ordinea oraselor recrutare […]

Though my posts are becoming more and more infrequent, I am actually thinking, on a regular basis, of what to write next.  A number of blog post ideas and titles have flowed in and out of my brain. But as I decide to put each idea into writing, I realize that I have already moved on.  Thus, each topic becomes […]