In the Spring of things


Blowing off Triathlon Tuesday again, yes I am!  Never fear, my faithful dozen, I will have lots to talk about on, uhhhh, Thursday.  Like sticking my entire body, face and all, into a 58 degree lake while attempting to swim a whole 400 meters.  Yes, I was wearing a full-body wetsuit.  What would be MORE helpful?  A full-face wetsuit.

Did you notice the banner change?  This is the original Secret Agent Josephine creation that I “won” last April.  I love this banner, although I was also very partial to the one you’ve been looking at all these months.  Since it’s nearly spring, each Vegas day gets warmer and warmer (and warmer… then scorching…) I thought I’d whip out LVGurl in her stylish bathing suit, jaunty sunhat, complete with gin and tonic.  Consider it a nod to great weather, and my dogged determination to complete my triathlon training by fueling myself with ample amounts of Tanqueray.

10 Responses to “In the Spring of things”

  1. brrrr, sounds cold. hope the gin and tonics keep you warm! 😀

  2. I forgot about this banner! Frankly, you need SAJ to make you a new one- complete with you swigging an entire bottle of Tanqueray while you are swimming, biking and running. You big lush! You must be the only triathlete to perform so well under the influence of gin. 🙂

  3. I do wonder how you train with Gin coursing through your veins but then again, I do wonder how I drive, take care of the kids or make any decisions with Vodka coursing through mine.

  4. The power of positive mental imagery to keep you warm. And the power of booze. Sounds like a winner to me!

  5. I’m still ill, but you have me dreaming of a cocktail!

  6. 6 Kami

    Oh, I bet the face would get cold. That’s one of those things you don’t think of until you are “facing” it head on.

    Go LVGurl!!!

  7. Gin makes me angry so I will take a pina colada!

  8. LOVE the new banner!!! So cute!

  9. Oh my, I am loving the banner. That pink is too cute!

  10. Oooh, I love it!! Makes me reminisce about lounging by Vegas pools. *Sigh*

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