Working hard, hardly sleeping, eating plenty


I’m in the final push for my triathlon training; I have about six weeks to go.  The workouts are ramping up, and so is my freelance work.  And so are the girls… my Energizer Bunnies… I’m one pooped chica.

Just when I’m feeling like I can’t keep going, Makenna gives me some inspiration. 

If the three-year-old in the house can wake up and hop on my bike trainer for an interval workout, then so can I!

All this work is making me hungry.  I picked up these bad boys today.

I love Retro Bakery.  I totally dig the owners/bakers, Kari and Brian.  They are always, ALWAYS so happy and smiling.  Their cupcakes are sweet and so are they.

Want to know what flavors these are?  Visit the Flickr picture here for a flavor rundown.  Glazed Donut is my favorite.  180/360 stopped by, and she took a Hop Scotch cupcake, which she eagerly devoured before exiting my driveway.

And no, these aren’t all for me.  I have a post-workout picnic with my team tomorrow, I thought I’d share the amazingness that IS a Retro cupcake.

Okay, I’m off to go zone out.


9 Responses to “Working hard, hardly sleeping, eating plenty”

  1. omg those look delish!

    good for you for keeping up with the training. you can totally do it!

  2. oh heaven, in a box no less.

    Mmmmm…. dreaming of cupcakes now….

  3. Man, I sound like such a pig- scarfing a cupcake down before I leave your driveway! 🙂

    I want to try every single flavor now.

  4. Oh, those look SO GOOD.

  5. i want the donut one.

    tell them to make a blueberry donut cupcake. mmmmmmmm

    and, yes Kim is a pig. RIGHT! please, She’s just a safe driver and wanted both hands free to drive the wheel. 😀

  6. I love Retro Bakery and I love Brian & Kari! They’re great people. I’m glad you’re digging their cupcakes!

    I wish I had known you were going to be over this way, I would have dropped working for a while to come say hi. It’s seriously just a block away or so.

    And Kim wanting to try every flavor… well, I’m well on my way to having done so. There are just a couple I haven’t tried yet. That’s one area where I’ve actually done a pretty decent job of upping my food consumption. I’ve average 2 or 3 cupcakes a week lately, I feel like a piggie!

  7. 6 weeks? YOU CAN DO IT!!!!you’re on the downhill slide now!

    I want the ones with the huge chocolate stacks atop!

  8. Our cupcakes have NEVER looked better!! I love an assortment box, they’re so cute! So glad you liked the cupcakes…I’m having a little trouble staying out of them myself!!
    It’s been GREAT actually talking to you in person!

    Good luck with training…any time you need to CARBO/CUPCAKE LOAD, let me know!!

  9. That is such a cute photo of Makenna on the bike. You are nearly there!

    And yummy cupcakes :). Just the word picnic has me jealous enough let alone the cupcakes.

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