Triathlon Tuesdays: Week 7 — On leave


All of this stuff right here, I got all this from my mama… 

Hi!  My mom is doing well with her training, but she needs a break.  Though she has just six weeks to go before her big race, she’s feeling a bit burned out… plus all the other responsibilities in her life.  Mom will be JUST FINE, she just wants to take a full day off of thinking about training.

Anyway, people tell Mom that I’m just like her.  I wonder what gives them that idea???

6 Responses to “Triathlon Tuesdays: Week 7 — On leave”

  1. hang in there! take all the time you need. 🙂

    Hi Miss P!

  2. Take care, it’s tough to juggle everything and everyone needs a time out every once in awhile.

    Love the shot of your daughter, adorable:-)

  3. Taking a break is good for you every now and then. I hope the burn-out feeling leaves soon! Sending love your way!

  4. I don’t know how you are doing everything as it is- so a break sounds necessary to me! Besides Chip & Dip have been feeling a little left out since you amped up the training. 😉

  5. Dude, I’m so with you on the break. YOU of all people, deserve some R&R.

  6. With all your training, I am surprised you were updating at all. And that is one cute photo 🙂

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