Triathlon…Thursday? Week 6: On my iPod



Swim:  1700 meters

Bike:  18 miles

Run:  7 miles

Hello!  Training is going well, although as you may (or may not) have read from my previous post, my body is breaking down a tad.  Not from running, as one might assume, nor from biking.  It’s the swimming that is knotting up my shoulders and upper back.  Thanks to all for your advice and recommendations.  Step One in The Great Unknotting will come this weekend, when I visit the spa for a deep tissue massage.

Some of you who know me in real life know that I LOVE my iPod.  I was a mix tape junky growing up, so the custom assortment of music I load makes my ‘Pod a 16 gig mix tape for the new millennium.  Unfortunately, there isn’t much chance for me to listen to Wonder Pod while working out.  Swimming?  Nope.  Biking?  Unless I want to be deaf on the road, unable to hear oncoming traffic and far-more-dangerous pelotons of semi-pro bikers on fast approach… no.  So running is the only chance I have to listen to my iPod mixes such as ‘Shake It,’ and ‘Keep Running You Big P^ss.’

So what do I listen to that keeps me going at 6:30am, as the sun is rising and my fingers are freezing off?  An eclectic assortment that further proves that my taste in music needs life coaching so it can overcome its identity crisis.

On heavy rotation:

Rage Against the Machine – When I’m feeling my buns burn and my lungs collapse, nothing propels my stride like a little Rage.  And then I overturn a police car and set fire to myself.

The Smiths – I rely heavily on Morrissey’s witty lyrics to remind me that life could feel a lot worse than those moments when I have to ooze energy gel into my mouth.

Anything techno/dance – I am a freak and I like this crap, okay?  Pulsating Nnnntsss Nnnntsss Nnnntsss really helps me keep pace.

Cypress Hill – Nothing feeds my inner drug-addled chola like some Cypress Hill.  Cuz when I’m done runnin’ I’m puffin’ on a blunt.

Beastie Boys – If the Beasties don’t move you, there is something very, very wrong with you.  You don’t like them?  Not even a little?  I’m sorry, but we can’t be friends.

Duran Duran (of course) – I wouldn’t be Marci without a little Duran Duran to speed me along.  Earbuds in place, I’m pretty sure I audibly bellow the lyrics to My Own Way…it’s like my theme song.  (Hey KT, I’m on 45!)

The Pixies – I just need good alternative rock sometimes.

311 – They make me want to jump around and feel California (even though they’re from Nebraska). 

Timbaland – Tim-man is my faithful running companion, even when I’ve been on the run for more than an hour and I have another 30 minutes on foot before I return home.

Horrible 1990’s college dance club music – Planet Soul and Dazzey Dukes, anyone?

9 Responses to “Triathlon…Thursday? Week 6: On my iPod”

  1. Wow, you are doing fantatic. I can’t run, swim or bike 1/10 of any of those distances. I rock. Seriously.

    Did you get my email about Jack’s surgery. It bounced back yesterday and I tried again.


    oh and I giggled aloud about you overturning a police car and setting fire to yourself… hee hee!

  2. I love your list of tunes. I may have to add a few of those. So far, I have relied on some Dance Mix’s from the early ’90s. Our TV Music station “Much Music” (similar to MTV) puts out these Dance Mix’s every year and ’92,’93 &’94 are my faves. Nothing like a good steady beat to keep me going. A little Marky Mark, Betty Boo, etc. Hubby calls it my ’80s mix :).

  3. I swear I HEARD you saying Nnnntsss Nnnntsss Nnnntsss when I read it. Too freaking funny. 😀

    Can’t wait to hear how the massage goes!

  4. All I have to say is, “Brass Monkey, that funky monkey…”

  5. I adore the Pixies. And now I have an urge to listen to the Beastie Boys. (And Marky Mark, thanks to Beach Mama up there…)

    Feel the Vibrations….

    Oh.. and for some reason that sparked “Groove is in the Heart” in my mind.

    Wow… this could go on all night. In fact, I’m current running my iTunes library through a freebie program that figures the BPM so I can build playlists based on tempo.

  6. I now have Insane in the Brain in my head. Thanks for that.

    My roommate is also training and I really don’t know how you people do this. I’m seriously in awe.

  7. I was a Durannie as a kid! They still make me go gooey when I see them. Wow 7 miles! I can’t do that now that I’m pregnant. I just stairmaster a couple of miles.

  8. 8 KT

    Thanks for the shout out! (between 6th and Broadway) I feel you on the Rage to get you going. I find Metallica is also quite effective (Disposable Heroes in particular) 🙂 And for the official record… 90’s college dance music RULES! Rump Shaker is still my all-time favorite song. “Check Baby, check baby, 1-2-3-4”

  9. Reading this really makes me feel like such an ass for never completing my High School Redux cd. I should finish it just to give you some other great music to sweat your ass off to.

    Bust a move while you set adrift on memory bliss… cause nothing compares to you, when you push it- under the bridge and pour some sugar on me. You shook me all night long with your tainted love and if you leave with the wind of change you better pump up the jam because life is… too short!

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