A whimper of pain


I think the cumulative effects of mothering two big girls who like to be held A LOT, freelancing, triathlon training, and falling asleep on the couch (with my neck in a twist) every night are unleashing fury on my upper torso.  My right shoulder is killing me, to the point that it’s affecting my ability to function as a mother, a kindly wife, and a nice human being who doesn’t walk around with a contorted grimace of pain on her face. 

I probably need either a good chiropractor (which scares the piss out of me, by the way.  I have a serious prejudice against chiropractors.  Please sway me.)  OR.  I need to go and get a good massage.  

Anybody have any suggestions for me?  Or at least provide words of encouragement?  Or know the name of a good geneticist who can clone me so I can divide-and-conquer more efficiently?

13 Responses to “A whimper of pain”

  1. definitely sounds like you need to pamper yourself a bit. a massage sounds perfect, especially if you’re anti-chiro. i know many people say chiropractic care is the best thing but i feel like it just makes you addicted to it. like you HAVE to go back repeatedly.

  2. I would go with the massage. I have never been to a chiropracter and massage just sounds so much better.

    Or maybe you need Physio?

    Again sounds better than a chiro – not that I know ANYTHING.

    How about a massage, vichy shower and a body wrap? That ought to cure what ails you 😉

    Good luck and hope your shoulder feels better soon.

    Oh and I highly recommend Advil for those kind of pains.
    And wine.
    Maybe not together though.

  3. I am a fan of a good massage. Talk to people and get a good name from them.


    More than once 🙂

  4. If a massage doesn’t do the trick, I found acupuncture a great way to get rid of pain. Plus sitting in a dark room, by yourself, listening to calming music for a tad bit of time does wonders to the mind and spirit!

    Hope you get better soon! You have such a chipper chicken attitude on life. We would hate for that to be dampened by this ailment!! We need more people like you sistah!

  5. I went to a chiropractor when I was pregnant for my daughter. He never helped my sciatica (which is why I was there), but I never had a headache the whole time I went to him. Sounds like it could be a rotator cuff though…so don’t do more damage! Put those kiddies down!

  6. I’m scared of chiropractors too, but I’ve never been to one. Some people swear up and down on their skills, but I’m still dubious…

    After my marathon I scheduled a sports massage. Best damn thing I’ve ever done. It worked wonders on my war-torn muscles. I just did it at one of those Massage Envy clinics too, so it was cheap!

  7. G goes to a good chiropractor. If you want her number let me know. They aren’t all bad! But I would steer away from those that tell you that you’ll need it for life. A good chiro will steer you in another direction if it isn’t working after a normal amount of therapy.

    I’m also with MEL- try acupuncture! Then I can go there after you find the doctor for us. 🙂 Hope you feel better soon.

  8. I’m intrigued by the acupuncture recommendations. If you do that, let me know. I would love to learn more about that.

  9. From a retired massage therapist: you probably need both. A good massage & a good chiro. Let me tell you my chiro story. My cousin was/is?(maybe retired now)a chiropractor. I could go see him for free. I did not like the way he adjusted me. I hurt afterward & sometimes for several days. I shopped around. This meant that even though I had insurance I now had to pay my co-pay; which can add up rather quickly! I have allergies & chronic sinus problems. When I found the chiro that worked for me- OH. MY. GOODNESS. Let me just say, my allergies were never better! I didn’t have to take ANY otc medicine that year for them, & for several years after. I’ve since moved away from that chiro & haven’t found one quite as good. I’ve found one who works for me when I’m hurting as you are, but on the same token I’ve also learned to listen to my body(i.e. I know when I need it or when I can get away without it.)
    SO, I said all that to say all chiropractors are not created equal! If you find the right one it is an awesome thing. Same with massage therapists. If you need further info, feel free to e-mail me.

  10. I can offer no parenting advice, but I will say: full-body massage. Amen.

  11. Have a massage from your husband – NIGHTLY!!!

    and a gin mixture.

    that’s my RX.

  12. Get a massage! Heck I need one!

  13. I think we should all book massages at the same time in our perspective cities. I think we are all in need. I hope you were about to book one in.

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