Happy Valentine’s Day (wow, what an original title!)


Now don’t go thinking that LVGurl has turned into some crazy triathlon nut.  I have, but I’m still Mama Bear Numero Uno to these two sweeties:

I’d like to send thanks to the parents in Makenna’s preschool class, who thought it appropriate to load the kids up with 15 pounds of candy.  I’m thrilled to have an entire paper grocery bag full of Sweethearts, pinks Nerds, and Dora lollypops.

Today is also special because it’s my husband’s birthday!  Happy Birthday, Andrew!!

Not one to reinvent the wheel, you can take a look back to a year ago, my birthday post to Andrew.   I dig it, paticularly because of the picture of him.  Little boy blue surrounded by hearts and love.

Today is also special because it’s 180/360’s son Max’s birthday!!  Happy 2nd Birthday, Mackies!  We’re looking forward to Sunday…

Have a great evening, peeps.

8 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day (wow, what an original title!)”

  1. Happy birthday Andrew, Max and V-D day to you!

    Damn, there’s way too much celebration to be had!

  2. Happy Birthday Andrew! How long will it be before hubs remembers today is your birthday. I’ll try to hold out as long as I can before I remind him. You may be getting a call late night. 😀

    LVGurl: You better put out tonight is all I am saying. Ah, the pressure.

    Oh, and Happy Birthday Max. Being 2 Rocks!

  3. what a great day- two birthday and so much looooove. yay!

  4. Wow! So many special things today!

    Happy Birthday to both Andrew and Max!

    Love the photos of the girls too 🙂

  5. Okay, I was thinking the same thing about all the crap parents seem to feel the need to dump er I mean have their kids hand out every flipping holiday! We throw 3/4 of it in the garbage… my kids don’t do gummy crap and sweatheart candies. Maybe if I told them about the garbage thing they would stop already.

    Your sweeties are looking fab in their valentine’s shirts and Haapy birthday to the special boys in your life:-)

  6. So we had our v-day school celebrations today- which meant 2 days of insane sugar consumption. And the teacher gifting?! Yeah, that was happening today, too. Although I opted out! Thanks everyone for wishing Max a nice b-day on here! He had a great day…

  7. Yeah, why do school’s allow so much candy to consume each holiday! Those little bodies often don’t need more sugar to fuel them! 🙂

    I’m late, but… Happy Valentine’s Day to all and Happy Birthday to Andrew and Max.

  8. Happy Belated Valentine’s And Hubby’s birthday! Your girls are just adorable :). I was surprised that only a few candies came home, phew, less for me to eat ;).

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