Triathlon Tuesday, Week 5: A Harbinger of Things to Come


My exceedingly short attention span and I have already grown bored with Triathlon Tuesdays.  It needs….something.  That something is exactly what 180/360 and I have been conspiring to create.  We are in talks for a groundbreaking photo shoot to capture me kicking some proverbial ass in each of my triathlon sports. 

Until she and I can find time and somebody to corral these kids of ours, I offer you this…


8 Responses to “Triathlon Tuesday, Week 5: A Harbinger of Things to Come”

  1. hawt.

  2. We are so on the same wave length. I wore Cinderella ones today.

    You and 180 should make an art house movie with stills – like old time animation – with you kicking some ass.

  3. Fantastic photo! The hair is looking quite suave as well. What ever do you use? 😉

    I’m still interested, so keep it up sistah. Your fans want you. 😉

  4. Sorry- but you should’ve written something like I had on my flower shot about channeling your inner Angella. Hello sweet kissy face! 😉

    I look forward to shooting you.

  5. Awe. Some.


    You and 180/360 are making me feel like a rock star 😉

  6. Snort!

    You are too funny!

  7. Can I come play on this photo shoot? It sounds like fun!

  8. HAWWWT!! Rharr!!

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