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I’m in the final push for my triathlon training; I have about six weeks to go.  The workouts are ramping up, and so is my freelance work.  And so are the girls… my Energizer Bunnies… I’m one pooped chica. Just when I’m feeling like I can’t keep going, Makenna gives me some inspiration.  If the […]

All of this stuff right here, I got all this from my mama…  purchase viagra order viagra Hi!  My mom is doing well with her training, but she needs a break.  Though she has just six weeks to go before her big race, she’s feeling a bit burned out… plus all the other responsibilities in her […]

Stats: Swim:  1700 meters Bike:  18 miles Run:  7 miles Hello!  Training is going well, although as you may (or may not) have read from my previous post, my body is breaking down a tad.  Not from running, as one might assume, nor from biking.  It’s the swimming that is knotting up my shoulders and […]

I think the cumulative effects of mothering two big girls who like to be held A LOT, freelancing, triathlon training, and falling asleep on the couch (with my neck in a twist) every night are unleashing fury on my upper torso.  My right shoulder is killing me, to the point that it’s affecting my ability […]

Now don’t go thinking that LVGurl has turned into some crazy triathlon nut.  I have, but I’m still Mama Bear Numero Uno to these two sweeties: I’d like to send thanks to the parents in Makenna’s preschool class, who thought it appropriate to load the kids up with 15 pounds of candy.  I’m thrilled to have […]

My exceedingly short attention span and I have already grown bored with Triathlon Tuesdays.  It needs….something.  That something is exactly what 180/360 and I have been conspiring to create.  We are in talks for a groundbreaking photo shoot to capture me kicking some proverbial ass in each of my triathlon sports.  Until she and I can find […]

Hi, I know. It’s a day late. I have been buried in contract work. I spent last night staying up too late to finish the aforementioned work; witnessing a car break-in across the street; reporting the aforementioned car break-in to police dispatch; staring out the window for another 30 minutes acting like McGruff the Crime […]