Triathlon Tuesday, Week 3: Swimming in a Stream of Consciousness



Swim: 1350 freakin’ meters

Bike: 13 miles

Run: 5 miles

This morning, I woke up painfully early to join a few members of the team for our weekly group swim.  This is how a typical Tuesday morning goes:

Alarm goes off at 5:00am.  I finally hear the alarm at 5:01am.  Andrew is poking at me to turn the alarm off.  I hit the snooze button.  Alarm goes off again at 5:10am.  I hit snooze.  Alarm goes off once more at 5:19am.  I lay and think about getting up.  I hit snooze.  Alarm AND Andrew go off at 5:28am.  I grunt as I slide out of bed.  As my feet hit the floor, Andrew tells me he’s really proud of me.  I grunt.  I shuffle my feet into the bathroom where I slip on my swimsuit and fleece outfit.  I’m a tad chilly, and I shutter to think about how cold it is outside.

I shuffle my feet to the kitchen, where I unwrap a Powerbar and sip water.  I think about what a sucky breakfast this is.  I shuffle some more as I pack my bag.  I hop in Andrew’s Trailblazer, which I like to drive because it has XM Radio and seat warmers. I leave the house at 5:45am.  I look at the thermometer, it’s 31 degrees outside.  I feel dread about the swim.  I arrive at the pool at 5:55am, walk outside in the biting cold.  I feel even colder because I know that a tepid 70 degree pool awaits me.

I smile really big at Coach.  I reluctantly peel off my fuzzy track suit and put on my swim cap and goggles.  I make small talk with the other puffy-eyed teammates about how cold the pool is and how much the first dunk sucks eggs.  I slither into the pool, and as I turn into an ice cube I silently curse Coach for the five minutes he spends bullshitting with the Southern Nevada president of the USA Triathlon league.

I swim for 45-50 minutes in non-stop drills.  Non-stop, unless you consider 15 second breaks every 150 meters a great rest.  These 15 second breaks I try to extend to 17 seconds, at which point Coach barks at me, “IT’S 15 SECONDS, NOT 20 MINUTES!  GOOOO!”  I finish the workout.  Coach tells us how far we swam.  I already had it calculated in my head.  There isn’t much to think about while swimming, aside from reminding myself that I’m not going to drown, so I count laps.  I pull my tired body out of the pool, gulp my nasty recovery drink, and I feel good about surviving another swim workout.  I get dressed and walk outside with wet hair, into 35 degree air.

I swam 1350 meters today, which is nearly the entire length of the swim for the Tri.  I can’t believe I swam almost 3/4 of a mile.  Holy shit!   But now, my body and mind are so tired, I can barely function.


8 Responses to “Triathlon Tuesday, Week 3: Swimming in a Stream of Consciousness”

  1. You are my Hero or Heroine, which ever you like. I just don’t think I have enough in me to go to the pool at that time, let alone swim 3/4 of a mile. Yikes. Now, if it was 90 degrees outside in the sunshine of an outdoor pool, well that would be different. Great Work!

  2. This is EXTREME dedication! I can’t believe you swim for that long. I would simply die!

  3. Ugh, the tight thigh muscles as you try to climb out of the pool, all numb and heavy as lead. At the same time feeling like a wet noodle, about to loose control of the legs and slither down to the floor.

    Man, that sounds like pure joy!

    Nice work Miss M. Getting your ass out of bed at 5 something and actually go do something important, takes balls missy. Rock on sister! 🙂

  4. I’m very proud of you, I would so be dreading the pool! And the cold…. I can’t believe how wimpy I am after living here for a while, but that would be so hard for me to take!

    What kind of “nasty recovery drink” are you using?

  5. You are AMAZING! Truly, truly, truly!

    I am so proud of you!!

  6. 5am!! YIKES!! No way I could do that! The gym near us opens at 5:30am and once my husband went at 6am to work out. He said it was PACKED! Wow!

    Good for you though!!

  7. I hope you treated yourself to a nice big breakfast after that! Swimming makes me hungry.

    Way to plunge in to triathlons head first! 😉

  8. Ohhh reading your post today made me tired just by reading it! But congrats! I have been trying to get back into my shape since I just had my little girl! My husband is a running and we are going to do a 5K as soon as we find one here! So I need to get ready!

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