The Great Interview Experiment — My Interview with Abigail Road


In the spirit of Master Neil’s Great Experiment, I too was asked to interview someone.  I present to you, Abigail of Abigail’s Road to Nowhere, as interrogated interviewed by yours truly.  Check her out, I have to say this is a great find of a blog.  I enjoyed combing her archives as I put together my interview questions.

Your blog archive goes back to December 2004.  2004??  I didn’t even know what a blog was back then!  How were you introduced to the concept of blogging?  What was your intention or goal for your blog at that time?  Has your blog evolved?

A few friends and acquaintances of mine were blogging, and I thought, hey why not? I have kept a journal since I was in the third grade, so it was just a continuance of that, I guess. I didn’t really have a goal for my blog at that time, but it was a bit more political and topical. These days, it’s much more personal, and I’ve learned to open up a bit more…maybe too much at some times and on some topics.

When you aren’t slumped over your computer, thinking up new content for your blog, what do you do for a living?  What are the greatest rewards and challenges in your job?

I am a ‘Team Leader’ at a group home for three mentally-challenged lovely ladies. I have been working there off and on for eight years, and last spring, I took on the roll of supervisor. Because I have been doing this for so long, in my day to day work, I take for granted some of the rewards…it sometimes seems like there were much more when I was younger, just starting out, and wanting to change the world. But there are days, when I am down, and they know it, and there’s nothing better than walking into the house and  getting a bunch of hugs and being told that you are “so cute and so sweet and so smart”, and that you are loved. They are so open with their emotions.

I don’t face the challenges that I used to in my job. Because we’ve known each other so long, I thankfully don’t have to deal with some of the behaviors I have had to in the past, and we know what we expect from each other on any given day. The biggest challenge for me now, is doing all that I need to do for them, and getting all the paper work and house maintenance and staffing issues taken care of at the same time. I have alot on my plate, and some days, frankly, there is too much to do, and not enough time to do it. But I am a superwoman, and somehow, have been keeping up!

You speak of having an addictive personality.  Any current addictions you’d like to share with us?

Nothing new, really. Just the old stand-by…smoking. I really need to quit, I just don’t want to yet. Smyrish has become a bit of an addiction though…ever since he lived at the House of Pain with me for a couple months, now I need to see him, and his sweet ass, everyday.

I totally agree with you, that technology has killed our ability to use proper grammar.  Do you have any particular grammar errors that are your pet peeves?  (For the record, my current grammar pet peeve is placing punctuation outside of quotations)

I think that my biggest pet peeve is the fact that people seem to have stopped using capital letters! Names, places, the beginning of a sentence….come on! We all learned that in the first grade!

Based on your blog title and many of your posts, it is obvious that you love music, and music is a big part of your life.  Please name five albums that you can listen to beginning to end.  (That’s a big deal for me, being able to listen to an entire album…it’s a rare thing)

I love this question! These days, it is so incredibly rare that a quality album comes’s all about the hit single. There is a list in my head, and it changes frequently, but here are my top five, for today:

Blue Rodeo – Five Days in July
Radiohead – The Bends
Hawksley Workman – For Him and the Girls
Beck – Mutations
Hayden – The Closer I Get

Now… name the five best concerts you have ever attended.

Only five??? OK then. Green Day, Hawksley Workman, The Tragically Hip, Pearl Jam and Sam Roberts.
You are very talented and crafty!  Please tell us about the fine goods you create and where we can find them.

I have been sewing and making jewellery since I was a kid. It kind of started out as a necessity, but a couple years ago, I teamed up with my friend Knuckle Toes, and we started selling our goods at festivals around the city in the summer time. We make everything out of recycled, reused materials. Most of our material is found at second hand shops, garage sales or is donated by friends. Want a skirt made out of a table cloth? Or a bag made out of some old jeans and a pillowcase? If so, I’m your girl!

I just recently started an Etsy shop, and I have a bunch of items to add yet, but the link to the store is

And… what are your hopes for 2008?

To be happy, and healthy, and get in as much travelling and camping and visiting with family and friends as possible. I’m a girl, who just wants to have fun.

THANK YOU, ABIGAIL!   Great interview!

p.s.  Neil, can we do these every week?  Not only have I blogged more than once a week, I blogged twice in one day!


9 Responses to “The Great Interview Experiment — My Interview with Abigail Road”

  1. Abigail has a great name for her blog, I love that. And her concert response made me realize that I need to go find some music from The Tragically Hip in my iTunes library and get it on my iPod. I haven’t listened to them in eons!

    I love this whole experiment, it’s been awesome so far!

  2. Great interview!

    I am guilty as charged in the non-use of captilization of important letters. I blame my laziness due to the cocktails I’m usually consuming while composing my posts.

    I also have a very addictive personality and love it if someone can admit to having them. Somehow, it makes one a more real person.

  3. I agree…we should do this more often! This is the greatest idea ever, Neil!

    Thanks for the great interview LVGURL!

  4. i am another one who is guilty of not using capital letters. i don’t know when it started, but i do know it was a concious choice NOT to capitalize, (not out of laziness) i think it must have been somewhere in my early teens – i read a book and when the heroine wrote in her journal she never capitalized and i thought that was so bad ass. …it’s habit now. i get harrased about it all the time, but c’est la vie. 😀

    great interview ladies!!

  5. Thank you Neil for initiating these conversations. Abigail and Schmutzie are the women who got me interested in blogging, and it is great to have a compendium of like minded sorts to browse through while avoiding so much of the mindless drivel found while browsing.

    I too am a non Capitol user – which is frankly hilarious since I am always correcting others’ spelling errors, hmmmm? It began when I first became a computer geek in the 80s (before personal pcs and the internet). At that time I was programming and the CAPS just fell away. I’ll work on it.
    great interviews!

  6. Awesome interview. Great job, LVGurl. You couldn’t really go wrong with Abigail.

  7. Very awesome. (Five best concerts you have attended is such a great! question.)

  8. Great questions and interesting answers! The albums question made me realize I need to listen to more music (I don’t know who the Tragically Hip are)!!

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