Christmas bells are ringing, but I have no time to listen


I am busy.  Beyond busy.  So busy that I barely have time to talk to people I normally talk to and comment on blogs that I normally comment on.  (Sorry, I ended with a preposition.  Please don’t take my teaching license away.)

All that “balance” mumbo jumbo I spewed a couple weeks ago has me balanced alrighty.  Balanced into oblivion.

I’m tending to the chicks, I decorated the house, I’m continually working on my contracted projects, I’m finding time to chill with Andrew, and I manage to cook sometimes.  The only two things left out (aside from not talking on the phone, which is rare for me) is 1. Wrapping the Christmas presents, and 2. Folding the laundry.  We are currently sifting through many, many piles in the laundry room to find undies and shirts.

Oh, and in the middle of all this, I’m training for a triathlon.  More on that later, when I may or may not hit you all up for sponsorship dollars.

I’m off.  A mountain of contract work awaits.

7 Responses to “Christmas bells are ringing, but I have no time to listen”

  1. Chin up, girl!

    Before we all know it January will be here, complete with blowing wastelands of time and boredom 😉

  2. Yes, when I don’t see you on IM, I know you are being plowed over.

    Put that boy of yours to work so he can show off his amazing guy wrapping ability. He’s got to be worth something this time of year. 😉

    Hope you get all your ducks in a row and remain a chipper chicken through all of this.

    Did I use every bit of lingo? I think so.

  3. That was me last week Marci… thanfully things have slowed down around here but the festive spirit is missing slightly….


    Take care and the laundry can wait. Really, why fold it only to take it out again 😉

  4. I hear you on the busy, busy, busy stuff.

    Buy gift bags and shove everything in those.
    I have no solution for the laundry because that never ends!

    Take it a day at a time (who am I to talk, I spout the advice but can’t follow it myself) and we’ll get together after the holidays!


  5. that’s awesome- the training, not the busy-ness. 🙂

  6. how sad, i didn’t notice the preposition ending.

    hope you survive the holidays and get caught up on the laundry.

  7. I can’t believe I’ve only talked to you once this month! The bells are ringing and it is time to listen. And talk! I may have to start running with you so we can get in our daily conversation time. 🙂

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