Toddler-proof Christmas tree


If she could, Paige would wrestle the tree to the ground and hide the ornaments around the house.

Therefore, the ornaments are displayed in the safety of the upper 2/3 of the tree.


12 Responses to “Toddler-proof Christmas tree”

  1. LVGurl did a post! LVGurl did a post!

    We miss ya Marci, right people?

    Our tree fell over the other day. My perfectly balanced ornament arrangment fell with it. Oh and the water on the carpet was a nice touch too.


  2. smart thinking! i didn’t get a tree cuz of my rambunctious cats.

  3. love the practicality behind this. Mommy must of thought of this. Daddy wouldn’t think of it till all the ornaments were gone and the tree was dragged into the pool by little miss P. heheh

  4. I found you thru Angella. I just had to say that this is a great idea, too. My son (2.5) keeps knocking needles off as he bats the low ornaments around. Why didn’t I think of this???

  5. That’s great! My mom has a “puppy-proof” tree. She bought a small artificial Christmas tree and placed it on a table so her new puppy couldn’t get at the presents and ornaments.

  6. haha! Looks just like mine! haha! Acutally, I got a couple that there is no way (um, sure) he can choke on or break and I put those on the bottom. He has zero interest in them and seriously tries to climb the tree to get the others.

  7. what? you don’t like finding broken carnage buried deep in corners around your house?

    come on, live on the dark, crazy side like me.

  8. I always put the ugly ornaments or the ones that won’t break on the bottom.

  9. Hee!

    You are smarter than I.

    Emily takes them off, I put them back. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    YOU are a genius!

  10. I love your tree! This year there seems to be an abundance of ornaments at the bottom of our tree. Can’t wait to see how next year pans out.

  11. 11 jane

    oh i love it! lol

  12. Great idea! Our ornaments would be non existent as they tyke would pull everything off!

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