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 These girls…  And this guy… They are all I need.  But this special treat from Santa was pretty cool too… Advertisements

I am busy.  Beyond busy.  So busy that I barely have time to talk to people I normally talk to and comment on blogs that I normally comment on.  (Sorry, I ended with a preposition.  Please don’t take my teaching license away.) All that “balance” mumbo jumbo I spewed a couple weeks ago has me […]

If she could, Paige would wrestle the tree to the ground and hide the ornaments around the house. Therefore, the ornaments are displayed in the safety of the upper 2/3 of the tree.

In the middle of this hectic holiday season, I am reviving my freelance business by taking on some contract work.  People must think I’m insane, trying to juggle all this bizwax.  But I love it.  I feel very vital when I work professionally, especially when I can meld being a stay-at-home-servant to my chicks with […]