New ‘do


Ever since I seized control of my hair away from my mother in 1988, I have kept my hair in basically the same style.  It has been longer, and shorter, but the same style.  All one length, no bangs.  Always.

I found a fantastic hairdresser through dear friend Kim, and I am experiencing all sorts of new hair freedom.  I’m letting go of my hair hang-ups, and putting my trust in the awesomely capable hands of hairdresser Stacie.  I’ve been playing with the color, and then some bangs… and now… layers!

I dedicate the following photos to:

Kim, since I know you want to see what my fresh-from-Stacie style looks like.

Jill, since — very soon — you’ll experience a hair rebirth a la Stacie.

My bloggie friends, since a few of you have noted that I don’t post many pictures of myself.

So here you go:

Hello.  I am somebody’s mother.

Okay, that’s more like it.  That’s the gin-guzzling boob-flasher I know!

Trying to get the back of my hair… whoops!  Yes, I have freckles.  Many, many freckles.

Last try.  Ah, crap!  Oh well.  

Looks like I need to get my roots touched up soon.

19 Responses to “New ‘do”

  1. Holy hotness!

    You are foxay!

    Also – I *love* freckles. I only get them in the summer and I like them 🙂

  2. Looking good Marci!

    Love the do, although I have no idea what it looked like before 😉

  3. I LUV IT! Nice way to get out of your box!! AND, love the fun you were having taking those hot, sexy ass photos.

    I want to party with that girl. Oh, wait, I have. And you know what, I have a photo as evidence. You are going to so love it.

  4. I LOVE IT! The layers look amazing. It gives you a completely different look. Good old Stacie…

  5. And you didn’t even have to get advice from a “hair consultant”- even though I’m sure she’d approve! 🙂

  6. Yay! Looks fantastic, lady. You hawt!

  7. Love the new ‘Do!! You are one hot Mama. I gotta get me a new hairdresser, my last cut sucked the big one.

  8. you’re somebody’s (two somebody’s!) hawt mother! great ‘do!



    And you just made me even more excited and antsy for my upcoming Stacie encounter. Maybe she can fit me in sooner…

    (I’m a little bummed because I just realized my husband’s holiday party for work is two days BEFORE my haircut. I would love to have a HOTT new look for that.)

    You look amazing.

  11. The new hair looks stellar, surely, but I think the posing is my favorite. Also: I covet your freckles. I sport a few, but I’ve always wanted more on my face. Mostly so it meant I didn’t have to have moles. (What sort of word is that, in comparison to “freckle”? “Mole.” Blech.)

  12. you look beautiful!

    and i want to party with the chick in the second photo but we may have to leave my boobs out of the equation.

  13. LOVE it! You are a hot mama!

  14. love it! I want a flat belly that I can take a picture of. Maybe soon.

  15. 15 KT

    WOW – it is really different, but I really like it! You look amazing! I have never seen you with your hair that light before, but it suits you!

  16. 16 jane

    I love the hair- that’s sorta what my hair looks like now- except my hair is brown with some gray, and mybangs are out of control long…ok so it doesn’t look like that NOW but should look like anyways 🙂

  17. Fantastic! This is like a storyboard for a GEE your Hair Smells Terrifice commercial! 🙂

  18. Looking good!

  19. I love it. You are so cute. I think I’m gonna post pics of my new do, which I’m NOT in love with (hmm…quick flight to Vegas to see Stacie? LOL), as you have inspired me.

    And my two cents on the PC/Mac thing would be…whatever you do DON’T get a Gateway laptop running Vista. Just trust me on that. Hahaha.

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