They can do this, but I can’t


Can I just lay around on the couch?  Please?  Just for five minutes?


14 Responses to “They can do this, but I can’t”

  1. I hear ya! But then who is going to the 5 gazillion things that need doing?


    Life. It’s so unfair.


  2. you should get to- so not fair! and for more than 5 minutes!

  3. What? There’s room, right there. Go on…

  4. Paige’s hanging belly is way too cute. I guess I know where not to sit next time I’m over! hehe 🙂

  5. Hee!

    You should join them!

    Or wait until they are in bed and lounge there with some gin 😉

  6. It is unfair the way we seem to always “go go go go” and never allow ourselves to relax.

    My husband dismantles the couch in much the same way.

  7. Life was so much simpler when lounging around topless was allowed and actually expected.

  8. Life is so unfair. I feel like that too, and if you did lie down they would be all over you so you would want to get up again.

  9. 9 KT

    Well there is no doubt about it… they got the lounging gene from you! Look, they even have drinks and snacks! They totally get that from their mom. They are already pros! Are they watching SNL reruns?

  10. That photo captures the essence of childhood: lying around half-naked, not realizing how darn good you’ve got it! Wish I could go back sometimes. 🙂

  11. what are you talking about? i shlep around half-naked all the time.

    yep, i grossed myself out on that one.

  12. I hear ya…I would love to lay like that naked and drinking from a bottle all day!!

  13. very very cute! can never pass up photos of babies!
    Ps; the post below: macs rule. I saw a sign in the mac store the other day; free printer if you get an i-book!

  14. where is the rest of the couch?

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