Mac vs. PC


There is a post that I want to write, but it requires some scanning. Given the current state of my sorry computer, (which again needs to be serviced,) I’m unable to complete this scanning task.

With my computer on the fritz yet again, I’m feeling like I need a change.  Though I’ve worked on a PC since leaving college — many, many years ago — my heart belongs to Apple.  My first computer experience was on an Apple IIe.  My first home computer was an Apple IIc.  My college computer was a Macintosh Performa.  I am an iPod and iTunes devotee.

Andrew keeps bugging me about what I want for Christmas.  Though this may sound completely cliche and/or cheesy, since having children, I don’t really think about what I want for a gift.  These children, they really are gifts that keep on giving! 

But with my PC laptop on life support half the time, and with the advent of Windows Vista, I’m thinking that Macs are more dependable and less buggy.  I’m thinking that I may need to go back to a Mac.  I’m thinking of asking for a Mac for Christmas.

So I ask you, all 15 faithful readers, do you have an opinion about Mac vs. PC?  If you’re screaming MAAAAAAAAAAC, which type?  MacBook, or an iMac?

9 Responses to “Mac vs. PC”

  1. How funny! My first experiences with computers were with an Apple 2E and then a 2C. I want a MAC for Christmas, too! I’m curious what people have to say about this- because I’ve been wondering the same thing! I’d actually like one of each.

  2. I use a PC. With Vista.

    *shakes fist at the computer*

    The computer itself works fine, but no peripherals want to talk to it. Like our network printer.

    When I asked the same question, I was surprised at the balance of responses I got.

    I’ll probably stay with a PC because I am a lame and boring accountant 😉

  3. I don’t think I could live without both. I grew up in a PC household and didn’t really like Macs much. But I have a Macbook Pro now that I love and an older iMac that I am rather indifferent toward (wouldn’t mind a new iMac). My PC (the ‘family’ computer, not work computer – yes, I have 3 work computers) totally died the other day though and I’m ready to throw it out the window. But it will probably be replaced with another PC simply due to the fact that my husband has so much of his work and comfort tied into that platform. (Like Angella, the accountant thing.)

    I do find several sites that just don’t work properly on Macs, which pisses me off to no end as a surfer and as a developer because I believe very much in cross-platform compatibility. But there are a lot of people in the world that cater only to PC (some just to IE). So you may want to make sure that you wouldn’t have problems with online banking or other applications you use frequently.

  4. 4 jane

    i so want an ibook. I want one so bad I may have to whine for it…ok seroiusly- G asked me for my xmas list- jewish and all he’s going to get me xmas gifts…i have no clue. seriously i wish i wanted something real bad this year but i don’t

  5. Get the white apple mac! that’s what I have and they are great! I might buy my husband a new one since his last one broke!

  6. i’m not a technical person so i’m the wrong person to ask. since my husband has to use a pc for work, i’m sure we’ll be sticking with a pc household.

  7. I just moved from PC to Mac. My previous experience with Mac was watching my Sister’s work on their laptops. When my trusty Dell started crapping out on me every other day and I kept getting more and more frustrated, Hubby decided that I needed the Mac (after me saying over and over again, my next computer will be a Mac) sooner rather than later. I have to say that I am more than thrilled with it even if I am still learning all the differences. And I got a MacBook Pro, because I must be mobile and I needed the features for my photograhy.

    Happy early Christmas!!

  8. 8 YourCousinNancy

    So after not reading your blog forever and forgetting the URL (and Googling Las Vegas Gurl and getting NO help) it popped into my little head out of nowhere and here I am. I’m going to comment too, so don’t faint. And I have some thoughts I’ll leave about the paci if I don’t forget.

    I was always a Mac girl. I remember learning how to cut and paste in Word on an Apple IIe in college the late 80s. (Yes, I am probably your oldest fan except your dad.) So I’ve used Macs for work in journalism and always had Macs at home. We have a Bondi Blue iMac collecting dust in the boys’ bedroom right now. We bought a Macbook a year ago and that’s our home computer now.

    But I use a PC for work now. It’s a workhorse. I know it and Windows XP like the back of my hand and I’m really fast on it. I can’t imagine getting this much done running my finger over the Mac mousepad and lollygagging around Mac OS X-whatever. Every Web site works on IE. Files come to me and they don’t fall apart. But it’s boring. It’s like driving a Toyota Corolla or wearing Jockey hipster underwear. There is more to life.

    On the Mac I have iLife and all it has to offer. I am having a blast now playing with all my photos and making slideshows and burning DVDs that look like they came from Dreamworks. (Well, OK.) I know you can do similar things on a PC but I’ve seen some of it and there’s no comparison. And iLife is free with a Mac, not extra. The downside of the Mac is the aforementioned problems accessing and using many web sites, especially some shopping sites. And often you’ll try to view movies or other files or get email with images pasted in them and they just don’t work. Also, after we bought our Macbook and the 14-day return period had expired, we found out they had major problems. (Apparently Consumer Reports forgot to Google “Macbook problems” before publishing its rave reviews.) Ours crashed every time we put it to sleep and wouldn’t wake up till we ran the battery dead and started over. After a “firmware” upgrade (and a purchase of the extended warranty), all’s well, but I feel we have damaged goods. Having said all that, I’d still say, “Get a Mac.” Personally, I think we should have purchased another iMac but we do love the portability of the laptop. And don’t forget how cool you will be if you have a Mac. No Jockey underwear connection there.

  9. MMMMAAAAAACCCCC! check out my website… seriously… i have been maintaining it since july. 100 bucks a year. for a .mac account. 10 gigs of space ( and more can be purchased… but 10 is a lot! i am not even at 5 yet! ) all the movies have been made in imovie… all the photos are done with iphoto… itunes is soooo easy on a mac. iweb is how i do my website. mac mac mac all the way. my husband converted a very grumpy me several years ago and i could not be more glad! we call him mac daddy. he is converting my whole family. and in the process has gotten quite good at tech support. i keep telling him he should call them and demand a commission for all his conversions. we have a wonderful iMac. we used to have a powerbook until the cat knocked a glass of water directly onto the keyboard and fried it. I thought i would really miss the portability of a laptop, but an iMac is pretty portable too ( we took on our two week vacation to the lake house and occasionally move it to the living room to watch movies or tv online ) over all i would say MMMAAAACCCC!

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