Satisfied with neither the size of my br*@sts, nor my p*n!s


The magic that resides in my Spam file has been ignored for too long…

Have you noticed that spammers are very worried about us?  I mean, they are REALLY concerned about my happiness and well-being.

A sensitive fellow named Tanner Gonzalez emailed me this morning. In apparent concern for my womanhood, he offers forth SizeUp! the panacea for my sad, matronly boobs.  In 90 days, my breaseses will increase AT LEAST two cup sizes and my life will improve.

Well, if that’s all it takes!

Then Abe V. Spence contacted me to inform me that my “baby-maker needs to be bigger in order to perform its functions well.” His persuasive words follow:

Do you believe in magic? We suppose you’re likely to give a negative answer .  We hadn’t believed, either…until the moment MegaD!ck was introduced!
The effect this remedy produces on a human phallus cannot be called otherwise than a Miracle!
Only fancy, that your meat stick suddenly becomes longer and thicker and makes women tremble with passion!
It’s fabulous!

I….just don’t want to picture myself as my “meat stick” suddenly becomes longer.  Sorry Abe.

For the things that ail me, MyCanadianMeds offers the solution.  Any drug I want, without a prescription!  Gail Wang, representative of MyCanadianMeds recently emailed me about both my chronic back pain (nothing a little illegally obtained V!oxx can’t handle!) and my erection problem (though concerned for our health, spammers pay little attention to gender). 

And here I thought Canada was a vast, rolling expanse of beauty.  Apparently not.  No, Canada is just a big, unregulated pharmacy.


6 Responses to “Satisfied with neither the size of my br*@sts, nor my p*n!s”

  1. Wow, us Canadians are coming out smelling like roses aren’t we?

    My brother is a pharmacist and he assures me that these intenet sales of drugs from Canada ARE illegal. Why they can’t be stopped is beyond me. Not to mention the spam. Brutal. Our email host has a wonderful spam catcher so I don’t get the pleasure of reading all these. Thanks for showing me what I was missing 🙂

    And boy did I giggle when I read that you weren’t too interested in your “meat stick” getting bigger!



  2. At least we can be entertained by the ridiculous spammers. Funny girl.

  3. (Canadian opens trench coat to reveal a vast array of meds)

    Pssst! I can hook you up!

  4. Angella beat me to the punch, I was going to recommend that she give us the hook up!

    E-mail spam doesn’t hit me much anymore, but glancing at the spam that hits my blog… I must be getting sick because I’m getting lots of recommendations for antibiotics and pain medications. I’d rather have the bigger cup size!

  5. Marcibunny-

    Sizable massive schlong increases pleasure for Ophelia while my time machine lets users easily back up in2 your meat stick. Flagellant parrot flies by night company, the maidenhead named Cialis. The big news is out! This company is experiencing immeasurable growth in its Canadian MegaD!ck department.

    Lolita Avalos

  6. spam makes me laugh. tee hee.

    also, i’m 12.


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