Yes, I know, the dang holiday was five days ago.  In all the chaos of taking out five small children, I managed to nottake any pictures.  Instead, we’re mooching off the talents of 180/360.  Why take pictures when your friend is already a photographer?

Halloween was fun, although entirely crazy…chaotic…hectic.  Andrew and I had Makenna and Paige.  Kim (180/360) had her kids, Ava and Max.  Our friends Matt and Myndi had their son, Gavin.  All aged four and under.  All quick on their feet.  All willful as heck.

Ava, Makenna and Max, ready to go.

Okay, I’m here!  We can go now.


We need to stop for a quick family picture.  The girls could care less.

Before the Trick or Treating commences, I need to spend a good 10 minutes herding the children out of the cul-de-sac — away from the park — and back down the street.

Before we know it, the kids are spent.  Including Max, the unhappy jester.  He can’t take it any more.

I’ll be laying here.  Don’t worry about me, just pick me up on your way home.


12 Responses to “Halloweeny”

  1. “halloweeny” never fails to make me laugh. i’m so juvenile!

    such cute pics of such cute kids.

  2. More importantly, did you get good loot?

    Also psssst. guess where I’ll be for work in a few days?

  3. Great picture!

    And so jealous that you are wearing capris and sandles in OCTOBER! We had our mitts and winter jackets on for trick or treating 🙂

  4. Super cute! We have the same gorilla costume 🙂

    I love the family shot – you are ONE GOOD LOOKING FAMILY!

  5. Awe, looks like the kids were loving every minute of it, no matter the looks on their faces. Not sure if you guys enjoyed it, due to spending half the time running, chasing, bending over, redirecting, etc.

    Yes, hopefully the loot made it all worth it.

    My friend just brought me some Now ‘n Later cause she knew how much I loved them. Yikes! I’m pathetic.

    Keep the posts coming sistah!

  6. I LOVE that you are wearing sandals to trick or treat. I was happy there was no snow (but it sure was cold)!

  7. So cute! I love the family pic.

  8. It’s funny- I never even thought about your shoes at the time!

    Considering I spent years wearing costumes underneath my snowsuit, it is so different trick or treating without snow, snowmachines or warm clothing! Some years my mom would even have to drive us house to house, because it was so cold out.

  9. i meant to tell 180 chick her kids are freaking adorable- and so are yours…bootiful i tell ya!

  10. So adorable – your kids and their costumes! Don’t they just love Halloween?? See ya.

  11. Cute!

  12. FAB costumes!! I took the little one trick or treating and all he did was run into people’s homes! Oh well there’s next year!

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