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New ‘do


Ever since I seized control of my hair away from my mother in 1988, I have kept my hair in basically the same style.  It has been longer, and shorter, but the same style.  All one length, no bangs.  Always. I found a fantastic hairdresser through dear friend Kim, and I am experiencing all sorts of […]

Can I just lay around on the couch?  Please?  Just for five minutes?

Mac vs. PC


There is a post that I want to write, but it requires some scanning. Given the current state of my sorry computer, (which again needs to be serviced,) I’m unable to complete this scanning task. With my computer on the fritz yet again, I’m feeling like I need a change.  Though I’ve worked on a PC […]

“HI! Don’t mind me and my relatives. We find your home lovely and would like to rest here at your baseboards.” The infestation continues, people. Months have gone by, and we haven’t seen one of these vile creatures. Until this past week, when I jinxed this house by announcing, “Hey Andrew! We haven’t seen a […]

The magic that resides in my Spam file has been ignored for too long… Have you noticed that spammers are very worried about us?  I mean, they are REALLY concerned about my happiness and well-being. A sensitive fellow named Tanner Gonzalez emailed me this morning. In apparent concern for my womanhood, he offers forth SizeUp! the panacea […]



Yes, I know, the dang holiday was five days ago.  In all the chaos of taking out five small children, I managed to nottake any pictures.  Instead, we’re mooching off the talents of 180/360.  Why take pictures when your friend is already a photographer? Halloween was fun, although entirely crazy…chaotic…hectic.  Andrew and I had Makenna and […]