It’s a tough call, but I say no


I say NO to NaBloPoMo.  Because, really.  I barely feel like writing a blog entry once a week as it is.

I’m still rolling around in my blog crisis.  I’m still searching for clear direction.  I turned in my masters paper last March, and with it, I turned in my desire to write for fun.  I truly believe that I burned up at least nine month’s worth of writing with that project.

I’m not really sure where I want to take this thing.  I don’t want to be a straight-up mommy blog, but I adore my chicks so they will inevitably be center stage.  I want to explore my penchant for random humor, a la Metalia.  I want to be raw and hilarious (if hilarity even exists inside me) like Gorillabuns.  I want to be a better writer; clever like Citizen of the Month and a general badass like No Pasa Nada.  Part of me wants to be informative, offering up a potpourri of information like GlossyVeneer.

However all of this evolves, whatever direction I take, I’ll be cheering on my blog buddies as they gruel through 30 straight days of NoProBleMo (or whatever).

14 Responses to “It’s a tough call, but I say no”

  1. It’s ok. I totally understand why you don’t want to be like ME! The world only needs one person who could feel comfortable blogging about overly hirsute rabbit penises. 😉

  2. i’m not doing it. i like to have my weekends free!

  3. how about you give me some ideas when you think of them and I’ll write them for you? That way, we both win? Maybe?

    Either way, enjoy your current coast. When something does come to mind, it will be natural and not all “great, i guess I’ll write about something not that stimulating just cause I have to.”


  4. What? I don’t count as a general badass? Shocking.


    Don’t force it, baby. Just write when you want to.

  5. i want to be the clever one but alas, i’m not. what you really should have said is, “gorillabuns is the badass queen of cussing!”

    wait… maybe, i shouldn’t brag about that god-given quality.

    anyway, thank you for the much undeserved compliment.

    i’m not doing the nano-whatcha-majig. because, even though i blog, i’m not a joiner of group projects.

    you have your own voice which is distinct and full of life. i’ve found when i read too much of a good thing, i try to become that person and sadly, i suck at it. it’s not me.

    what’s the saying? “write what you know, know what you write.” (look at me spouting off crap, i clearly have no clue about.)

    you already do that, my friend (not the spouting off the clueless crap but writing about what you know.)

  6. I did it last year, and it truly sucked. It made blogging into a chore. I’m going to try it again, but this time, if I get bored, I’m just going to quit doing it every day. What can happen? Can I fire myself from my own blog? I had the same thought last year — if everyone is so busy writing seven days a week, no one is going to have time to read anyone else! The whole blogosphere will be people writing and reading their own posts. I’d like to suggest a week where NO ONE writes.

  7. “Bad ass” hee!
    Last year I tried it and then failed when my laptop broke. This year I’m trying it and I have a general theme and then the regular stuff. Like it won’t be the same thing everyday, but I will have the one story that I’m writing about and then the next day a recipe and the next day I’ll be writing about drinking and giving people who turn left the finger. Should be fun.

  8. Thanks for the mention. I like your blog, even if it does feature the chicks a lot. 😉

    Actually, I’m impressed that you’re taking the stand to say ‘no’. Not that I needed to say ‘No’ to NaBloPoMo, but I do have a hard time recognizing that I can say ‘No’ to things that will drain me. So, kudos to you on that one!

    I totally, TOTALLY know what you mean. And, it’s hard to pass up a challenge!

  9. I’m not doing NANONANO! No way!

    I got enough things to do like social networking LOL

  10. Good for you for saying No! It should be fun, not forced. You’ll start writing again when you do, no hurry.


  11. I’m not doing it either. I write when the urge hits, and only then. Or else it just feels forced and I hate that. Take whatever break you need then hurry back when you’re feeling inspired again. 🙂

  12. I hope you continue to write here, I love stopping by and living vicariously through you :). And good for you for saying ‘No’. I am a wimp and had to join the bandwagon, but I needed a challenge so I don’t min.

  13. I signed up so last minute (literally 11:55pm) it was ridiculous. But my intentions are much as the general consensus; it’s fun to try, and I’d like to write out a few recent happenings in more detail, but only if I am (mildly) interesting consistently, and if not, then I will spare everyone (including myself) the torture.

    Good luck! with the blog discovering, as to which direction you want to take yours. I find my intentions and ideas are are ever changing. : )

  14. I’m doing it because I felt like I needed a kick in the butt to get out of my blog depression.
    I also have had a ton of posts kicking around in my head, and I’m hoping this will force them out of me. Get over my blog writing block.

    I TOTALLY hear what you’re saying about direction. I often wish I could blog about other stuff, but I try to stay generally on topic.

    Personally, I’m glad you don’t post very often. Quality, not quantity, right? And I can’t keep up with all my peeps as it is!
    I agree with Neil, a one week no blogging rule would be AWESOME! so I could catch up!

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