Aloha and Mahalo!


I labor under the delusion that I am still an 18-year-old who does aerobics everyday.  Staring at my butt crack creeping out above the Roxy bikini bottoms, I am reminded in a very abrupt manner that I am, in fact, a 33-year-old woman whose mid-section nurtured and brought forth two babies.

That’s how I psych myself up for a trip to the Hawaiian Islands: by lowering my self-esteem.  And I have no business whatsoever trying on bikinis made for taut, sporty teenage girls.  Girls with short little butt cracks that don’t poke out and say ALOHA!

Andrew and I take off tomorrow to one of our favorite places on Earth: the south side of Maui.  We are leaving the chicks under the care of my parents.  I am going to miss the girls terribly, but Andrew and I — we need to spend some good quality time together.  And relax.  I look forward to being reminded that he is my wonderful husband, and not just the guy that shows up around 6:00pm every evening to relieve me of Mom Duty.

I also hope that some time away will reinvigorate my writing prowess, as I have been wallowing in an existential blog crisis of epic proportions.  Since April.  We return on October 21.  I hope to return with inspiration to write; at least, something more than once a week.

Until then, I look forward to views like this:

And this:



…while I sit and enjoy the good life, some quiet time, and laughter with my husband.


16 Responses to “Aloha and Mahalo!”

  1. Oh please! You look so fantastic in a bikini I just want to smack your ass for such a comment. The fact that you can even wear a bikini is PROOF alone! 🙂

    Ah, point taken. Alls I’m sayin’ is that I’m too old and broken-in to be wearing a bikini with the coverage of a tortilla chip.

    I’m going to miss you so much! Who will I call when I’m ready to strangle my kids? Who will I talk to at My-Gym? Who is going to drink over the phone with me?

    I’m hoping that our cell phones work. Give us a call when you’re close to shore.

    Have fun. I know you will. How could you not? I’ll check on the girlies and the parentals to make sure everyone is copacetic.

    Thanks!! I really do appreciate it 😀

    A hui hou…

  2. I was going to e-mail you tonight to wish you a good vacation. I’ll do it here… Have a wonderful vacation and I hope you get the relaxation and hubby-time you need!

  3. You lucky LV gurl, you! Enjoy yourself! I envy you right now!!

  4. Ha! Bikini’s… I vaguely remember them but haven’t got the gumption to even dare put one on. Tankini’s are the only way to go.

    You rock if you can wear any form of a bikini…. yay you!

    Have a fabulous time but just know that I am eternally jealous. Yeah, I know, that won’t bother you a bit… and it shouldn’t 😉

    Happy Vacation!

  5. have a fantastic time- it’s so beautiful there (so i say based on those photos- i have never been). 🙂

  6. I have not been to Maui since I was 11. YOU ARE SOOO LUCKY!! That’s amazing!!!! I want to go back with the husband one day.

  7. Here in France all kinds of women who are all kinds of ages with all kinds of bodies wear bikinis. Or bikini bottoms. I haven’t put on a one piece in six years.

    Honestly, I would feel too conspicuous on the beaches here if I did. Though FYI I do keep my top on. I know, I’m a regular American prude…

    Have fun in Maui. I’m fairly jealous.

  8. HAve a wonderful time. I am a little jealous, but only a little because there is no way I would be getting into a bathing suit right now ;).

  9. great pictures!

  10. SOOOOOOO excited for you! And maybe a *little* jealous.

    Have fun!!

  11. oh man- a roxy bikini? YOU KNOW HOW LONG SINCE MY ASS STOPPED FITTING INTO THOSE? yeah…and I only have 1 kid.

    Have fun! How great!! and your girls are beautiful

  12. 1) Enjoy.

    2) You HAVE been in a blog funk.

    3) Maui is overrated. Get thee to the Big Island.

  13. I hope you’re having an amazing time!

  14. where are you? you can’t still be in hawaii?

  15. Hope you had a fab time! Mmmm, Maui…we went there on our Honeymoon. Loves it!!

  16. There’s always someone on the sidelines waiting to tell us what we are doing “wrong” or not quick enough – right. I agree with you – you’ll know when is the right time. And I think pacifiers are far easier to deal with than thumbs – at least you can one day take it away … when the time is right. See ya.

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