When my daughters aren’t antagonizing each other…


They actually enjoy each other’s company, and (dare I say) have fun together.

Makenna hopped on the back of her Big Wheel, with Paige at the helm.  Off they went around the house!

While shrieking, “Makenna, BE CAREFUL!  Please!  Be careful with Paige!” I stopped having a heart attack just long enough to grab the camera.

Awe, they’re having fun!  And there they go…

Two messy mops of wavy hair, peddling down the hall.


9 Responses to “When my daughters aren’t antagonizing each other…”

  1. Oh Marci, they are simply beautiful! The curly hair, the big blue eyes….

    They do look like they are having a hoot and as parents of boys who regularly try to maim and injury each other… I hear ya on the fleeting moments of fun!


  2. my sis and i were like that all the time. we hardly ever fought. there’s less than 2 yrs between us. and today we’re best friends still. 🙂

    your girls are adorable!

  3. They are SO CUTE!! I have two boys… 🙂

  4. They’re so adorable and these pictures are great.
    Have fun on vacation – It’s almost here!

  5. This is a refreshing change since I usually hear about them fighting. Look at Paige’s hair! I think its grown an inch or more since I last saw her. It’s totally going to be curly like Makenna’s. They’re so cute.

  6. hello lovers!

    big kisses to both of you. mmmmmwaaa!

  7. The curls! The sapphire eyes! It’s too much! SO cute!!

  8. Oh your girls are just delicious. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. And hopefully they will be friends forever. Me and my Sisters used to fight when we were younger, now we are the best of friends.

  9. Oh my gawd, they are TOO CUTE!!! You are one lucky Mama!

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