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I say NO to NaBloPoMo.  Because, really.  I barely feel like writing a blog entry once a week as it is. I’m still rolling around in my blog crisis.  I’m still searching for clear direction.  I turned in my masters paper last March, and with it, I turned in my desire to write for fun.  I […]

We’re back from our beloved spot on Maui.  We’ve spent the past five days readjusting to our life of servitude with the chicks. Andrew and I had an amazing, fun, RELAXING and RESTFUL trip.  Ahhhh. Some people think that Maui is cliche.  That aside from Waikiki, Maui is where everybody goes and it’s played out.  But after this […]

Hello!  I’m back from my retreat in Maui.  But more on that later this week, as I have something completely unrelated to discuss. Today, I took Paige in for her 15 month well check. Her pediatrician (whom I ADORE) asked all the requisite developmental questions. All is well in Paigeland, except one unexpected thing that I […]

I labor under the delusion that I am still an 18-year-old who does aerobics everyday.  Staring at my butt crack creeping out above the Roxy bikini bottoms, I am reminded in a very abrupt manner that I am, in fact, a 33-year-old woman whose mid-section nurtured and brought forth two babies. That’s how I psych […]

They actually enjoy each other’s company, and (dare I say) have fun together. Makenna hopped on the back of her Big Wheel, with Paige at the helm.  Off they went around the house! While shrieking, “Makenna, BE CAREFUL!  Please!  Be careful with Paige!” I stopped having a heart attack just long enough to grab the camera. Awe, […]

Lurkers are people who read a blog regularly (or semi-regularly) but never comment. De-lurking is taking a moment to say HELLO! and make yourself known. If you are reading this blog, and fit the description of a lurker, today is your chance to say HI. Just this once. (And you, my loyal commenters, feel free […]