A waste of space


While my friends, my family, and I all do our best to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle… the mighty overlords at Nordstrom aren’t on the same page.

Behold, a shipment I received:

Are these the shoes I ordered for Makenna? Shake, shake, shake.

Feels a little light. What’s inside?


(Please don’t look at my messy kitchen counter. But please say Hi to Giada. Even she’s wondering what’s in the big box.)

I lift up the packaging to behold…

A single MAC eyeshadow.

Hello Shroom!

Cool, I’m glad it’s here. But really? An entire box? For THAT?


12 Responses to “A waste of space”

  1. I actually snorted with delight at the picture of the tiny box inside the BIG box.

    (Wow, that kitchen counter is REALLY messy. Not like my sparkling clean and disinfected kitchen counter.)

  2. ridiculous!


    Zikes. This makes the Mother Earth in me cringe big great big cringes.

    Giada… tee hee! Don’t you just love her – I wish I could look as fantastic as she does while slaving away in the kitchen 😉

  4. Wow, I thought Lefty had “left the building”. Glad to see he is still amongst the living….


    All I can say is, at least you got a good box to use to ship something larger!! Thanks Nordie’s!

  5. Since I already knew the story…

    I have/use Shroom too. It’s a great color!

  6. Nordstrom, YOU SUCK! Seriously.

  7. That is CRAZY! I have been amazed lately with the amount of packaging for stuff…but that is UNBELIEVABLE!

  8. are you frigging serious??? i do love mac eyeshadows though- thanks for the reminder i need to refill on my basics. 🙂

  9. yeah!!! i’m in the know! i wear shroom! that is when i wear makeup.

    and obviously, nordstrom’s isn’t eco-friendly but, **shuusshh!!!** neither am i.

    don’t tell. i’m still a good person in the inside.

  10. That is hilarious! Although I do have to say I love that colour, may have to go and pick some up. What is worse, driving in my car to the mall or receiving a big huge box in the mail? Not entirely sure, but I will probobly use it as an excuse to go out :).

  11. ARG! That’s insane. Boo, Nordstrom! BOO!

    (Although, is that shade *really* called Shroom? Seriously? Hee!)

  12. LMAO!!

    Fab post sister! Fab post!

    I love a girl who can spot the humor in quirky why’s!

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