Not functioning well


I’m a week late in posting a travelogue of our trip to L.A. I can’t seem to concentrate on anything at the moment, and I totally blame my thyroid. If you’re curious and want to get up to speed on my hypothyroidism, check out the answer to #5 of this post.

Not much has changed in my life lately. We have a new routine that includes Makenna going to preschool. Which means that while Paige naps in the mornings, I have a good two hours of quiet. I should be able to write a blog entry, tidy up the house, run a load of laundry, watch TV, read part of a book, download iTunes, play with my hair.

I rarely do any of these things.

Instead, I surf around and read my favorite blogs and leave a comment here and there. Then I wander aimlessly around my house and stare blankly at various little tasks that need to be done. I may start a load of laundry, but quickly forget about it and move onto more blank staring.

I feel like I can’t keep a clear thought in my head. I feel tired and run down (although I get a good eight hours of sleep a night). I feel grumpy at times, and want to be left alone. And I think I’m shedding more hair than usual.

All indicators point to my hypothyroidism.

I get my routine thyroid blood work next week, and I see my endocrinologist in two weeks. I really, truly hope that my thyroid levels are off, and I can enjoy a comforting quick-fix in the form of a Synthroid dose adjustment.

Until then, wish me luck and a few functioning brain cells.


For those of you who were curious about our trip to LA, you can see the photo highlights in my Flickr account. The four of us had a really fun time. The chicks adored the sand and the beach, and Andrew and I found so much joy in watching their sheer glee with the new experience. My chicks were very well-behaved overall, and took the disruption to their routine in stride. For those of you who know the chicks personally understand that they are true creatures of habit!

I thoroughly enjoyed attending Secret Agent Josephine’s art show, and I managed to get my paws on some dog art that will be proudly displayed here at LVGurl headquarters. It was very cool to meet SAJ (a.k.a. Brenda), benefactor of my sassy banners; Brenda was very sweet and so gracious. I spent a good amount of time chatting and chuckling with Neil of Citizen of the Month fame. (Pssst! Neil! Did we win that raffle?) I also enjoyed catching up with Sarah (Miss Whoorl) while Paige and Wito flirted and played footsie. And my husband, who can really be a sweet and selfless person, entertained the chicks as much as possible so I could unwind a bit and enjoy adult conversation with these fine folks.

The five-hour drive to and from Los Angeles was AWESOME! I totally love driving with two small children who yell when the other is trying to unwind. Who yell when they decide five minutes into Happy Feet that they want MOON AND STARS! For those of you not fluent in Makennaese, that’s Baby Galileo. Makenna is all about the solar system right now.

This post is as scattered as my brain right now. I’ll leave you with a favorite picture of mine at the moment… my dude and my chicks.


8 Responses to “Not functioning well”

  1. It was great meeting you and your wonderful family. And… no… uh… you didn’t win on that raffle ticket you left behind in my capable hands. Of course I would tell you if you won a BRAND NEW CONVERTIBLE, but it is probably too hot in Las Vegas to drive around with it anyway.

  2. I hope the doc can help you out. Sounds like no fun to feel spacey and grumpy. 😦 But I am glad to hear your LA trip was fun. And you got to meet Neil who’s one fab fella.

  3. I totally empathize on the spaced-out, irritable, shedding, tired, etc. feelings. I hope you get everything worked out soon! Of course a week or two can feel like a lifetime when you are feeling crummy.

  4. Disney Princess Enchanted Tales??? Taylor would be SO proud of you.

    Sorry… I keep getting side-tracked myself! I blame it entirely on the fact that I need time ALONE. But I could have a thyroid issue. Or a mental one. HELP!

    You’ll feel better soon. At least you got away for a weekend and Hawaii in October is right around the corner.

  5. That must be tough, I hate it when I feel a little low but have no control over it. Hope it is all sorted out soon. This gig is hard enough without those kind of things messing with you!

    Glad you had a great trip out west!

  6. Oh no! I hope your visit next week makes everything better.

    Your trip sounds fantastic. I really wish I had made it to SAJ’s art show. SO ENVIOUS.

    I like the photo of your fam 🙂

  7. If I was in LA I would have went!

  8. Your trip sounds great; so jealous that you got to see SAJ’s art show!

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